Hollow Shaft Servomotors RDU70x18-HW270 W | 1.24 Nm | 2120 rpm | 48 V

Compact 70x18 hollow-shaft drives with industry-leading torque density for a wide range of applications.

  • Hollow-shaft
  • Industry-leading torque density
  • Excellent overload capability
  • Compact design
  • Multiturn absolute encoder with high resolution
  • Integration of hollow shaft safety brake
RDU70x18-HW servo motors utilize TQ-RoboDrive’s flagship, high-performance stator-rotor sets to deliver unsurpassed power density at maximum torque range, as well as excellent overload capability. Their roomy hollow shaft is ideal for passing signals, media, fluids, rays and cables through the drive unit.
An integrated absolute encoder and an integrated safety brake ensure high positioning accuracy, excellent speed stability and dynamic stopping and torque-holding capabilities. Additional gear elements, spindle nuts, optics or serial actuators can be integrated to expand the field of application. Alternative voltage levels, increased speed and customized torque adaptations are available on request.

General data/basic data

  • 270 W
Nominal torque:
  • 1.24 Nm
Peak torque:
  • 4.05 Nm
  • 2120 rpm

Performance characteristics

Nominal voltage:
  • 48 V
Nominal current:
  • 6.7 A
Torque constant:
  • 187 mNm/A
Terminal resistance:
  • 660 mΩ
Number of pole pairs:
  • 10


  • 80 mm
Usable hollow shaft inner diameter:
  • 26 mm
Motor length without brake:
  • 79.1 mm
Motor length with brake:
  • 97 mm
Weight without brake:
  • 960 g
Weight brake:
  • 1250 g

Additional information

Sensor type:
  • Magnetic rotary encoder, BiSS-C differential, accuracy ± 0.1°, supply voltage Udd = 5 V
Detail specification:
  • See data sheet

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