Interactive Heart Simulator

Your virtual patient.

InterSim III InterSim III is used as a virtual heart disease patient for unique presentations of pacemaker performance.

Whether training medical professionals or sales related purposes: In the interaction of the InterSim III with the intuitive operating software, the electrical and electrochemical features of the human heart can be fully simulated and their interaction with pacemakers and defibrillators can be shown in detail.

General Information

As an "interactive heart simulator", InterSim has been pursuing the goal of demonstrating the functionality of modern pacemakers and ICDs since its first presentation in 1994. In combination with the corresponding adapter box, InterSim III realistically reproduces the natural heart rhythm. The possibility of simulating therapy-relevant disturbances makes it the ideal companion in training situations or in sales.

The graphic user interface can be used to clearly explain the propagation of excitation in the heart for both normal and disturbed rhythms; and, of course, it can also be used to simulate an ECG in a simple way.

Simulate the rhythm disturbances relevant for pacemaker and ICD therapies vividly and realistically. The operation of the software is simple and easy to understand; thanks to the integrated memory function, set parameters can be saved and recalled later. Create dynamic macros with the built-in script language and record them per keystroke.


New compared to the previous InterSim generation is, among other things, the availability of two different device types.


InterSim III

InterSim III Touch

Based on a Windows 10 Touchscreen Tablet, InterSim III Touch has a powerful foundation. You can use it within seconds right out of the box.


InterSim III Interface

InterSim III Interface continues the system concept already known from InterSim II. In combination with an additional Windows PC, the InterSim III interface offers the highest possible flexibility for integration into your existing infrastructure and allows you to run the simulations on your own PC or notebook.


InterSim III
InterSim III

Adapter Box / Connectivity

With full support of the IS-4 standard, impedances, threshold voltages as well as delay times can be set separately for all vectors. In addition, electrode defects, EMI and phrenic nerve irritation can be simulated. The support of the DF-4 standard allows the unrestricted selection of the shock vector. The hardware is designed for up to 80 J (or 1500 V). A far-field EGM is available on both shock electrodes. The simulation of an electrode fracture is also possible for the RV coil electrode.


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