The journey is the reward. With our powerful e-bike drive solutions.

The new TQ-HPR50 e-bike system

The lightest, quietest and smallest system in its class. Discover now!


Fly Uphill - New standards in electric mobility Powerful e-bike drives

Mobility comes from dynamic force coupled with progress – and from revolutionary ideas that give modern vehicles a new kind of power. TQ is bringing momentum to e-bike drives with three decisive factors: high torque (120 Nm), ultra-compact dimensions and maximum efficiency. The TQ HPR® 120S is small, lightweight and extremely powerful – and made in Germany.

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Complete drive systems from TQ

Comprehensive systems from TQ

More than a motor

We offer complete e-bike systems. From the drive system and battery to power electronics, sensors and connectivity, TQ offers a complete e-bike system that fits perfectly into every individual bike design and strengthens the brand identity as a premium product. Learn more about our systems and integration.

System and integration

An incomparable experience

Reach the top of a hill that previously seemed insurmountable. Travel a distance that would be out of the question with a normal bicycle. Take another lap before calling it a day – just for the fun of it. The TQ HPR® 120S makes many things possible that once seemed impossible.

The TQ difference

This is what makes our TQ HPR® 120S e-bike drive so special.


Innovation & awards

The TQ HPR 120S has received numerous awards for both its innovative technology and its powerful, intelligent design.


Articles about us

What do trade journals and experts say about the TQ HPR® 120S?


Areas of use

Mobility is of increasing importance in many areas of people’s everyday lives and leisure activities. Whether it’s a mountain bike, an urban bike or a cargo bike – a TQ HPR® 120S is always a fast and comfortable way to get around.


TQ HPR® 120S opens up completely new possibilities on steep tracks and in technical terrain.



Daily exercise, no traffic jams and fast mobility. The TQ HPR® 120S is the future of commuting.



For commercial or everyday use, an E-Cargo bike powered by TQ is the perfect choice.


Patented technology

TQ-Systems designs and manufactures drive systems and components for pedelecs, S-pedelecs and electric transport vehicles for the freight and logistics sectors. The heart of the system is our patented pin ring transmission, the TQ HPR® 120S.

TQ HPR® 120S - Lots of power in a little space

The secret behind this powerful little motor is the combination of a patented TQ harmonic pin ring drive combined with an electric motor specially developed for E-bikes. Another unique aspect: With torque of 120 newton meters, the TQ HPR® 120S is in a class all its own. And with a diameter of just 144 millimeters it’s small enough to be easily built into to any bike.


System & integration

TQ offers a complete e-bike system — comprising drive system, battery, power electronics, sensor technology and connectivity — that is ideal for integration into any individual bike design and enhances its brand image as a premium product.


TQ as a technological partner

With roots in the aerospace industry, robotics and power electronics, TQ is your ideal technological partner for complete e-bike systems.


Customer-specific e-mobility solutions

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Optimal standard and custom solutions with Haibike and M1

We cooperate closely with leading, innovative bicycle manufacturers to develop complete drive systems that are setting new standards. Such as the new FLYON series by Haibike and the Spitzing Evolution by M1 Sporttechnik, two new models that were introduced at the Eurobike 2018 trade fair. The drive system is perfectly suited to the personality and characteristics of their brand identities.

Collaboration with TQ


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