Environmental and energy management Our contribution to a responsible approach to our planet.

More than just a marketing promise! We put our money where our mouth is by protecting the environment, conserving resources and implementing efficient energy management.

Stakeholder involvement at TQ

Stakeholder involvement

To implement this approach effectively, we work closely with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and regularly identify relevant environmental aspects and their impact. This is precisely the focus of our energy planning. By evaluating the requirements and results, we derive suitable energy targets and measures for the sustainable improvement of our environmental performance and energy performance.

Ongoing monitoring of requirements at TQ

Ongoing monitoring of requirements

Trust is good, verification is better! We monitor the environmental and energy aspects of our integrated management system through regular audits and reviews of the applicable obligations. This is how we ensure compliance at all times.

Education and training

We actively involve all employees in environmental protection and resource conservation through ongoing training and further education. This supports implementation in day-to-day business.


An accredited certification agency verifies our high environmental standards as well as all the effectiveness of the measures we plan and implement. TQ has been certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001 since 2002, and according to the energy management standard ISO 50001 since 2018. In addition, TQ participates in the Bavarian Environmental Pact for sustainable growth combined with environmental and climate protection.

Environmental protection and energy management in action

We strive to make careful use of natural resources, to develop environmentally friendly products and to continuously improve environmental conservation and energy efficiency in our buildings and means of production. Our commitment is also evident in our sustainable handling of waste and recycling efforts.

We practice recycling

Concrete measures

Environmental and energy management measures

  • Environmental issues are part of the vision and mission of TQ-Group and enjoy the full support of management
  • Derivation of a coherent environmental and energy management policy and corresponding mission statements to support operationalisation
  • Rolling environmental and energy targets for the individual divisions for continuous improvement
  • Continuous development of established processes with the goal of "best practice" on a PDCA basis.
  • Continuous training and improvement of awareness among employees and suppliers including relevant introductory training courses
  • Monitoring of continuous improvement by means of key figures at management level

Environmental and energy management results

  • Virtually CO2-neutral production through the use of certified green electricity at all locations
  • Consistent consideration of the life cycle of products and services from their creation to their disposal
  • Selection of major energy consumers taking life cycle cost calculations into account
  • Sample-based audits, audits and management reviews to ensure that all relevant requirements are met
  • Compliance with relevant occupational health and safety requirements in the company's plants as well as at suppliers and external companies involved
  • Establishment of contingency plans which are risk-based and adapted according to need
  • Integration of suppliers and other external providers in the sense of a holistic approach
  • Provision of environmental and energy management data for relevant interested parties
  • Active support of the quality control loops as a participant in the dual system

81 percent less CO2 emission since 2016

How we reduced our carbon footprint.

We have reduced our CO2 emissions by more than three quarters since 2016. And we have done so with sales growth. We want to show that economic success and climate protection cannot exclude each other but can promote each other. We are pleased that our efforts over a relatively long period of time are showing these clear results. Nevertheless, this applies to us as well as to the company as a whole: We are always looking for a way to improve even further.

CO2 emission 2020

Quality management

Discover how we have implemented our motto "Technology in Quality" in our quality management processes.


Social responsibility

We are aware of our global social responsibility and act accordingly.


Code of Conduct

All of the companies in the TQ-Group are clearly committed to their social responsibility within the scope of our worldwide activities.



Quality is no accident. Our processes have been certified by accredited authorities. See the following pages for more details.




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