FAQ – TQ-Aviation

In the following we have briefly and concisely summarized the answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQs). You will find them broken down according to topics and products. If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us directly at any time.

Send: Send Through (PTT)

Send Through (PTT)

  • System restart
  • Onboard battery empty, poor wiring or connections

Send: Whistling microphone

Whistling, interference with dynamic microphone during transmission

  • 1. Mic-R not connected to ground (only if Mic-R is not used, connect pin 6 to Mic-GND).
  • 2. ground reference not met (for dynamic microphone Mic-GND must be used as ground).

Send: Not possible

  • PTT-L or PTT-R disabled.
  • Check TX menu (Tx=**).
  • Possible cable break in PTT connections.

Send: Whistling Headset

Whistling when sending with headsets

  • The side-sound is too high, so that the signal from the headphones gets into the microphone.

Transmission only possible with SQ=1

  • PTT does not have its own ground line.
  • Disconnect PTT from speaker line and connect to battery GND.

Send: Receiving station hears only quietly

Transmitter modulation is present and mic setup is set correctly, but the receiving station still hears only quietly.

  • PTT-L activates Mic.-L only,
  • PTT-R activates Mic-R only
  • Possibly the headset connections are reversed?

Send: many background noises

Send: To receiving station distorted, a lot of background noise.

  • Microphone setting set too high.

Reception: Low volume / interference

Reception: Low volume, distorted, power consumption > 0.6A

  • Speaker one-sided to ground (GND).
  • Speaker must not have ground reference (use pins 4 and 7 for speakers).

Reception: Background noise

Reception: Background noise

  • 1. remote station weak microphone, VOL on KRT2 normal at 12.
  • 2. external input in position 1 (if external input is not used)

Loud whistling Loudspeaker

Loud whistling over loudspeaker for squelch smaller than 3.

  • VOX is not set to 10.
  • Intercom must be switched off.

No or too low side tone

No or too low side-sound, (VOL > 12)

  • 1. the volume on the headset control is reduced too much, so everything else is attenuated.
  • 2. MIC level set to ≥9, software therefore deactivates the side sound

No change between standby and active frequency

Frequency change between standby and active frequency not possible

  • RX and TX connection of the radio unit touch each other at the open ends or are connected by chafed cables.
  • The letter "r" appears in the radio. Corresponding defects must be rectified.

Audio menu shows only VOL, SQ and VOX

Only VOL, SQ and VOX are displayed in the Audio menu.

  • The menu has been locked to protect further settings. An "L" also appears in the display.
  • To unlock the menu, press the AUD and FREQ buttons for 2 seconds. The "L" is no longer displayed. Before switching off the KRT2, the setting in SQ must be changed briefly, otherwise the menu will be locked again after repeated switching on.

Manual storage of favourites

Manual saving of favorite frequency list does not work

  • 1. Before saving, the cursor must flash when entering the name. If not, press the "MEM" key.
  • 2. Press the change button (double arrow) to save, then "SAVE" will be displayed.
  • 3. If no key is pressed within 6 seconds or the knob is moved, editing of the Favorites list is aborted and the KRT2 returns to the normal state.

Connection of programming adapters for KRT2 Managers

Connection of the programming adapter for using the KRT2 Manager

  • FAQ PC-connection.jpg

Connection Intercom or Audio Select Panel

Connection of an Intercom system or an Audio Select Panel

  • ASP Input: with KRT-2 Headset, Pin 14
  • ASP MIC Audio: with KRT-2 microphone L, pin 3
  • ASP MIC Key: with KRT-2 PTT-L, Pin 10
  • ASP Ground: with KRT-2 Bat. minus, Pin 1

Recommended accessories

Recommended antennas: TQ Transponder KTX2-F and KTX2-S.V2

Recommended antennas: NexNav 21.000

Recommended antennas: KRT2 radios in the versions S, L, P and F