Servo-Kits ILM-E85x13 409 W | 1.39 Nm | 2810 rpm | 48 V

Next generation frameless, hollow-shaft ILM-E85x13 stator-rotor kits with market-leading torque density and maximum freedom of design for structurally integrated drive engineering.

  • Frameless construction for high design flexibility
  • Excellent torque density at a competitive price point
  • Hollow-shaft capability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low voltage 12V - 48V
  • High torque density and dynamics due to excellent copper fill factor
  • Low thermal losses by concentrated coils
  • Thermally optimized actuator design by structural integration
  • Weight and installation space optimized drive system design based on load profile analysis
  • Excellent dynamic control and precision
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
The ILM (Ironless Linear Motor) is based on the development of the DLR (German Aerospace Center). In order to be able to produce this powerful drive more cost-effectively, TQ has developed the ILM-E series. To this end, much of the ILM's manual manufacturing was automated.
This allows a better price-performance ratio, with the same reliable operation as the ILM. The new ILM-E series from TQ-RoboDrive are a cost-effective alternative to our premium ILM series and offers the essential TQ-RoboDrive performance at an excellent price/performance ratio.

Assembly Instructions ILM-E Servo Kits (1 MB, pdf)

Integration guide of the ILM-E series (771 KB, pdf)

Drawing ILM-E85x13 (460 KB, pdf)

3D File ILM-E85x13 (1 MB, zip)

Extended datasheet ILM-E85x13 (452 KB, pdf)

Scale prices* per piece

277,20 € (1 - 4)

217,04 € (5 - 10)

197,31 € (11 - 50)

180,87 € (51 - 100)

*price excl. VAT and freight cost

Delivery time: 20 - 25 weeks

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