Modul No. 1 mini Real-time HD video

Modul No.1 mini
  • Multicast up to 4 receivers
  • Real time transmission (latency < 1ms)
  • FHD-video quality
  • Secure and reliable signal transimission in 5GHz band (bi-directional)
  • No direct line of sight required (up to 40m distance)
  • Compact form, low weight
  • Plug-and-play
  • Customer specific integration possible
  • For use in patient-side applications
The Modul No.1 mini is a system for digital, wireless FullHD Video transmission in real time. The video transmission system complies with DIN EN/IEC 60601-1 and DIN EN/IEC 60601-1-2. Therefore, the system is suitable for patient-side applications. The transmission of the video signal is reliable (bi-directional) and uncompressed, thus the latency is less than 1ms.
It is a multicast system with up to four receivers. Under optimum conditions, the Modul No.1 mini can transmit without line of sight over a distance of up to 40 m. The wireless technology enables freedom of movement and minimal cleaning effort.

General data/basic data

  • Dolby 5.1
  • 5.180 - 5.825 GHz
  • DFS Frequenzen 5.270~5.310 GHz und 5.500~5.670 GHz
  • ABS
Operating temperature:
  • 0°C ... +40°C, 10%~90% humidity
Storage temperature:
  • -40°C ... +85°C, 10%~90% humidity
  • 82 x 40 x 21 mm und <br />146 x 117 x 28 mm
  • <1ms
Power consumption:
  • 2.5W and 5-6W
Power supply:
  • USB mini-B plug 5V DC; 500mA and HR10D-Tap<br />adapter cable 10.5 V - 36 V DC
Product Certifications:
  • CE, FCC, 60601-1-2 Class B for sender
  • up to 40m under optimal conditions
Video interfaces:
  • HDMI
Video resolution:
  • 720x480p59.95; 1280x720p60 720x480i59.94; 720x420i59.94 720x576p50; 720x576i50; 1920x1080i50; 1920x1080i59; 1920x1080i60 1280x720p50; 1080x720p59; 1280x720p60 1920x1080p23.98; 1920x1080p24; 1920x1080p59; 1920x1080p60 60
  • 50g with housing and receiver: below 250g
Transfer method:
  • Integrated multi-antenna system