TQ Group Whistleblower system and complaint procedure

Objective of the TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office:

Our TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office serves as a trusted point of contact for all employees and external stakeholders (this includes people outside the TQ Group, such as suppliers or customers) who wish to report an actual or potential violation of laws, business principles or rules of conduct (e.g. Code of Conduct) at TQ.

In addition, the TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office aims to support the TQ Group in identifying and uncovering conduct that does not comply with the law or regulations. Another important objective is to promote the implementation of fundamental principles of good corporate governance within the group of companies and, at the same time, to strengthen and ensure the exercise of corporate responsibility with regard to human rights along global supply chains.


Eligible persons for notifications:

Any person associated with the TQ Group may use the TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office, whether employees of the TQ Group or external parties. Reports can be made in connection with any violations of laws, business principles, codes of conduct or other relevant guidelines within and outside the TQ Group.

Possible violations include, for example, bribery, corruption or violations of environmental, safety and labor laws. In addition, Whistleblowers can also report human rights and environmental risks or violations of human rights and environmental obligations in accordance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act or EU requirements (so-called complaint procedure). This involves risks and breaches of duty that have arisen or could arise as a result of TQ's economic actions within its own business activities or through TQ's direct or indirect suppliers.


Ways to report to the TQ Whistleblower Reporting Center:

The TQ Group Whistleblower Reporting Office is centralized and accessible from all TQ sites. Reports or grievances from all TQ sites as well as the entire global TQ supply chain can be reported here. If necessary, a personal meeting is also possible. There is no specific prescribed form for submitting whistleblowing. The procedure is free of charge for the Whistleblower.

You can reach the TQ Group's Whistleblower Reporting Office as follows:

by e-mail: reporting-office@mop-beratung.de

by mail: Whistleblower Reporting Office TQ-Groupc/o
MOP-Beratung, Dr. Kisselmann-Str. 2, 86971 Peiting, Germany


If you would like a face-to-face meeting, please contact us at the above email address. At such a meeting, if necessary, a confidential and professional translator will be consulted.


Anonymous messages:

You have the option of submitting your report either with your name or anonymously.

It should be noted, however, that if you make an anonymous report without providing contact information, the TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office will not have the opportunity to provide you with information relevant to the proceedings or to ask you any questions during the further proceedings.


Language of messages:

The messages can be transmitted in any common language. Preference is given to German, English or the language of the respective operating location. However, the TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office is willing to follow up on information submitted in another language and, if necessary, provide a confidential and professional translation.


After the message:

The TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office receives all submitted tips, checks their truthfulness and decides on further action. Within seven days at the latest after receipt of your report, if you have specified a contact option, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. At the latest within three months and seven days after receipt of the report, you will receive feedback on the current status of the procedure and the measures taken. Even if the TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office closes the procedure without further action, you will receive a brief explanation.


Whistleblower protection:

TQ Group will not take adverse action against any person who in good faith reports a violation, assists in the reporting, or cooperates in the investigation of the violation.  The whistleblower must have sufficient information or reason to believe that a violation has occurred and that the information he or she reports or discloses is true. Persons who make a justified report in the aforementioned sense are protected from reprisals such as dismissal or warning. The protection afforded by the Whistleblower Protection Act therefore does not apply to a report of knowingly false or misleading suspicions.


Confidentiality and data protection:

The TQ Whistleblower Reporting Office treats all tips and information, in particular the identity of the person providing the tip, as strictly confidential in compliance with the applicable data protection provisions. Our privacy policy can be found at



External Reporting Channel for Germany: Federal Office of Justice

Information that falls under the German Whistleblower Protection Act can also be forwarded to the governmental Reporting Offices provided for by law (external Reporting Offices).

Pursuant to Section 7 (1) Sentence 2 of the Whistleblower Protection Act, it is recommended that Whistleblowers should give preference to Reporting to an internal Reporting Office - i.e., the TQ Group's Whistleblower Reporting Office - in cases where effective internal action can be taken against the violation and they do not fear reprisals.

For further information on external Reporting Offices, please visit the homepage of the Federal Office of Justice, Germany (https://www.bundesjustizamt.de/DE/MeldestelledesBundes/MeldestelledesBundes_node.html ).