Flexibility in medical technology

Thanks to our customizable frameless engines you will always stay up to date

How to react quickly and dynamically to changing conditions

The requirements in medical technology are changing rapidly. Nonetheless the use of frameless motors guarantees a wide range of customization options and can therefore be a solution to reduce the time-to-market for your product. Find out how our ILM and ILM-E series can help you gain these competitive advantages in our white paper.

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RoboDrive ILM-E Motor



Covid-19 acted as a catalyst for digitization and new technologies. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important, especially in highly regulated markets such as medical technology, to shorten time-to-market and to rely on innovative technologies in the long term.


TQ's frameless motors meet these requirements because they can be dynamically and flexibly adapted to changing and growing technical demands.




What you will learn in our medical technology whitepaper:


  • How you can reduce your (development) costs with the TQ motors
  • How you can reduce your development time and thus also your time-to-market
  • What other competitive advantages our frameless motors bring with them

Download the free whitepaper here