E²MS-Assembly Switchgear construction and cabinet wiring

As an E2MS service provider we can also take care of the assembly of your electronic components or entire systems as well as the wiring of control cabinets. How much of your project we take on depends entirely on your needs and wishes. You benefit from fewer interfaces between electronics and mechanics, reduced administrative tasks and ultimately more product reliability.

Assembly and installation performed by a system supplier

Complete solutions from a single source

Whether it’s just a single terminal box, cabinet mounting or a complex, high-tech control system – TQ can take care of all your assembly and installation needs.

Our range of services covers the following areas:

  • System integration
  • Device assembly
  • System installation
  • Switch cabinet wiring and switchgear construction
MAN switch cabinet wiring in Delling
Sensor production for complex optical devices

Optimal processes

Because of our many years of experience in assembly and installation for a wide range of fields or industries (e.g.  laser systems, optical systems, drive systems) we have the expertise to design the ideal process for your product. We therefore adjust our assembly line and equipment to perfectly meet your requirements and standards.

If possible, smaller production tasks such as bonding, dispensing, potting, siliconizing and adjustment/calibration are performed at work stations implemented within the process or assembly line.

Process stability and quality

Our extreme flexibility in no way compromises our process stability and quality. Thanks to optimal traceability of batches, including serial number tracking, we can map the entire lifecycle of your product.

Production line

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