Distributors and partners - TQ-HPR50 Where can I buy the TQ-HPR50?

Bikes with TQ-HPR50 e-bike system

The TQ-HPR50 is successfully integrated in many bikes. You can find a detailed list of different bike categories and bike brands on our TQ E-Bike website.


Distributors and partners - TQ HPR® 120S Where can I buy the TQ HPR® 120S?


In close collaboration with TQ, Haibike’s FLYON models rely on the 120 Newton meters of torque our powerful new TQ HPR® 120S provides. Thanks to its pin ring transmission, this ultra-strong power pack delivers the strength needed and is setting new standards!
For comprehensive information about the FLYON series, please visit the website of Haibike.


M1 Sporttechnik

Whether it’s the brand-new Spitzing Evolution, the Schwabing or the Sterzing — 100% energy is guaranteed by the 120Nm of the TQ HPR® 120S E-Bike motor at all times! Comprehensive information about the M1 e-bikes with the most powerful e-bike motor can be found on the M1 website.



Here you can learn everything about our e-bike drive systems based on the patented Harmonic Pin-Ring technology.



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