Product safety

We offer you professional support in compliance with (national and international) product safety requirements and support (national and international) product approvals by means of our prompt technical services during the entire development process - even at short notice!

Tailored to your individual requirements

  • Complete CE product safety tests (requirement for the CE mark and approvals)
  • CE product safety checks: We check the points where, based on our many years of experience, problems are likely to occur.
  • Customer specific measurements
PCC Schaltzylkustest

Product safety reviews

Visual inspection

  • Housing assessment with regard to fire protection / mechanical hazards
  • Assessment of the clearances and creepage distances (with dismantling of the power supply, control of the line routing and the installation position of components on the primary and secondary side)
  • Checks of the protective conductor connections and labeling of the product

Electrical test (up to 500 V / 44-66 Hz / 75 A)

  • Protective conductor
  • Electrical strength
  • Leakage current
  • Faulty operation

Mechanical test

  • Housing openings (contact with dangerous voltages)
  • Housing stability (with ball, tension, compression and tilt tests)
PCC Schaltzyklustest

Electromagnetic compatibility

Technical support and assistance in compliance with national and international EMC requirements


Environmental tests

Thermography, testing of climatic and mechanical stress, packaging testing, sound measurements and durability tests



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