Servo-Kits ILM-E50x08 203 W | 0.3 Nm | 6458 rpm | 48 V

Next generation frameless, hollow-shaft ILM-E50x08 stator-rotor kits with market-leading torque density and maximum freedom of design for structurally integrated drive engineering.

  • Frameless construction for high design flexibility
  • Excellent torque density at a competitive price point
  • Hollow-shaft capability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low voltage 12V - 48V
  • High torque density and dynamics due to excellent copper fill factor
  • Low thermal losses by concentrated coils
  • Thermally optimized actuator design by structural integration
  • Weight and installation space optimized drive system design based on load profile analysis
  • Excellent dynamic control and precision
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
The frameless stator-rotor kits of the ILM-E series are TQ's consistent evolution of the premium ILM series.
Because of their outstanding technical specifications these drives are particularly predestined for wide range of demanding applications.

Assembly Instructions ILM-E Servo Kits (1 MB, pdf)

Integration guide of the ILM-E series (771 KB, pdf)

Drawing ILM-E50x08 (254 KB, pdf)

3D File ILM-E50x08 (769 KB, zip)

Extended datasheet ILM-E50x08 (471 KB, pdf)

Servo-Kit Productinformation ILM-E (849 KB, pdf)

Delivery time: 10-12 weeks

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