The TQ HPR® 120S Fly uphill

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Developed specifically for use in e-bikes, the TQ HPR® 120S is a real high-performance motor (120 Nm) with an innovative pin ring transmission.

The design of this permanently excited DC machine was modelled on the servo motor technology used in space travel to control state-of-the-art satellites.

The results: Thanks to the tight windings, the losses of these motors are lower than with comparable systems. That means high efficiency, high torque and extremely low noise for its power class.

The secret behind this powerhouse

The electric machine drives an elliptical rolling bearing. The oval contour moves 150 pins in a wave-like pattern between the inner gear wheel and the fixed outer gear wheel. The pins act as transmitters. The transmission takes place between the rotary motion of the bearing and the inner gear wheel. All pins are engaged around the entire circumference, which means that power transmission is achieved in the smallest of installation spaces without play, highly efficiently and almost noiselessly.

The patented gear reduces in only one stage in a ratio of 1:37. That means: At a cadence of 80 rpm, the electric machine runs at about 3000 rpm. Thanks to the integrated freewheel, the bike can be pedaled like a bike without a motor, because no internal components run along when the drive is switched off.

What are the advantages of e-bikes with high torque?

  • They are both more powerful and more comfortable to use, because the higher the torque, the less often you have to pedal to achieve the same results.
  • The power bandwidth is also higher, so you have to switch gears less often.
  • Higher torque also allows more peak power at higher cadence, if desired.
  • Challenges and obstacles can be mastered confidently. From steep climbs and technical terrain to a quick trip in urban commuter traffic.

Technical specifications

technical features

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From the drive system and battery to the power electronics, sensors and connectivity, TQ offers a complete e-bike system that is ideal for integration into any individual e-bike design. As premium products, our components enhance your brand identity.


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With roots in the aerospace industry, robotics and power electronics, TQ is your ideal technological partner for complete e-bike systems.


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