Servo kits ILM85x13 440 W | 1.44 Nm | 2950 rpm | 48 V

Frameless, hollow-shaft ILM85x13 stator-rotor kits for structurally integrated drive engineering. Discover original TQ-RoboDrive products for market-leading torque density and maximum freedom of design.

frameless motors ILM85x13
  • Frameless motors for highest design flexibility
  • Hollow-shaft capability
  • Low voltage 12V - 48V
  • Highest torque density and dynamics due to excellent copper fill factor
  • Low thermal losses by concentrated coils
  • Thermally optimized actuator design by structural integration and thermally conductive epoxy casting
  • Weight and installation space optimized drive system design based on load profile analysis
  • High control quality by high bandwidth and lowest harmonic component (lowest ripple)
The ILM Series of frameless, stator-rotor installation kits from TQ-RoboDrive utilize integrated drive engineering originally developed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for applications in extremely demanding environments.
The motors deliver market-leading torque density, unsurpassed precision and excellent overload capability in an exceptionally compact design.

General data/basic data

  • 440 W
Nominal torque:
  • 1.44 Nm
Peak torque:
  • 4.66 Nm
  • 2950 rpm
  • 400 g

Performance characteristics

Nominal voltage:
  • 48 V
Nominal current:
  • 10.8 A
Torque constant:
  • 134 mNm/A
Terminal resistance:
  • 220 mΩ
Number of pole pairs:
  • 10
Max. Efficiency:
  • 92 %


Outer diameter of stator:
  • 85 mm
Length Stator:
  • 27.2 mm
Inner diameter rotor:
  • 52 mm
Length Rotor:
  • 15.7 mm

Additional information

Detail specification:
  • See data sheet
  • The above data is for star-serial interconnection. Please download the datasheet for other interconnection values.

3D File ILM83x13 (520 KB, zip)

3D File ILM85x13 Hall (610 KB, zip)

Double Rotor Gluing Guideline (170 KB, pdf)

Drawing ILM85x13 (281 KB, pdf)

Extended datasheet ILM85x13 (571 KB, pdf)

Assembly Instructions ILM Servo-Kits (3 MB, pdf)

Servo-Kit Productinformation ILM (880 KB, pdf)

Delivery time: 10-12 weeks

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