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Backstage at TQ-Embedded

In episode 3 of the series, you will learn everything about the topic of fieldbus systems. Andreas Willig explains what challenges there are and what role embedded systems play in it.

| TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

Readiness for series production of the new system-on-chip module

The TQMa117xL is the optimal solution module for the realization of space-saving, cost-effective and energy-efficient control systems.

| TQ-Robodrive, Technical Articles

TQ explores future markets

TQ salesman Lukas Ginner talks to start-up RobCo about the current challenges in robotics.

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Backstage at TQ-Embedded

In our new video series, our TQ-Embedded team regularly answers the most frequently asked questions of our customers and classifies them for you.

| TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

TQMa117xL is now available

With the TQMa117xL system-on-chip module based on NXP's i.MX RT1170 crossover CPU family, TQ offers the optimal foundation for implementing cost-effective and energy-efficient control systems.

| TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

TQ announces the TQMaX4XxL

An LGA (Land Grid Array) module that uses a combination design based on the Sitara AM243x microcontroller and the AM64xx processor from Texas Instruments (TI).

| TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

TQ presents update of the TQMx110EB

TQ introduces its high-end TQMx110EB embedded module with 11th generation Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors for heavy-duty, industrial use and a long-term availability of 15 years

| News, TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

TQ develops new embedded module based on NXP

Thanks to its crossover CPU, the TQMa117xL offers an optimal basis for the realization of cost-effective and energy-efficient controllers

| TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

New Computer-on-Module: TQMaRZG2x

The optimal all-in-one solution for the realization of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

| News, TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

Fit for the factory of the future

TQ develops a new Sitara processor module for applications with real-time requirements

| News, TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

TQ presents a brand new embedded module

and single board computer based on ARM Cortex A53 processor NXP i.MX 8M PlusThe new land grid array (LGA) module TQMa8MPxL based on the i.MX 8M Plus CPU, is available now.

| TQ-Embedded, Product Announcement

TQ presents new COM Express Basic Module TQMx110EB with 11th generation Intel Core processors

The TQ Embedded Module TQMx110EB sets new standards in terms of CPU, GPU and system performance for COM Express-based solutions and will initially be available with selected processors (Intel Core…

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