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From medical PCs to electronics in cardiac pacemakers, wireless video for surgical procedures, to drives and controls for robots in therapeutic use, TQ is active in the medical technology sector.


From critical care to home care – from general practice to dentistry. We realized numerous applications and solutions such as: Wireless video: Real-time video transmission in HD (latency < 1ms)
• Intelligent assistance robotics
• LED polymerization device in dentistry
• Laser systems for operative use
• Analysis devices for blood tests
• Home monitoring
• Large devices (CT, MRT)
• Controls for X-ray digitizers, printers, computer tomographs
• Medical laser systems for surgical applications, gastroenterology, gynecology, ENT, pulmonology and urology



Most medical technology equipment these days is networked. Especially in the area of homecare, this helps to automate medical care and make it available to everyone. At the same time, people increasingly demand easy operation. This generally requires the use of a processor as the central control unit for the devices. The use of a TQ-Minimodule reduces development times and allows reliable systems to be brought to market in a short time.



Thanks to their market-leading torque density, highest precision, overload capability and excellent thermodynamic properties, our servo kits and servomotors are predestined for demanding applications in medical technology. These include surgical robots, exo-skeletons and physiotherapeutic devices.



As a leading system service provider, TQ-Systems has been developing and producing pioneering solutions for the medical sector for many years. The range of services includes electronic assemblies and complete devices for medical technology companies – from pocket-sized end-user devices to large clinical devices.


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