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E-Mobility – the way we will travel in the future. With high-performance electric drive systems for e-bikes/pedelecs, our e-drives, charging systems for public and private applications, and other cooperative ventures, TQ is a major presence in the growth market of e-mobility.


From drive system and battery to power electronics, sensors and connectivity, TQ offers a complete e-bike system that fits perfectly into any individual bike design and strengthens the brand identity as a premium product. The core of the system is the award-winning TQ HPR® 120S e-bike drive with HPR transmission, which delivers a constant torque of 120 Nm thanks to its patented Harmonic Pin Ring transmission.



In order to enable e-mobility, TQ-Automation implements solutions for connecting e-charging devices to the power grid. Through automation, electric cars can be optimally charged both in industrial environments and at home.


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