Custom-made medical equipment

Our medical-technical solutions support doctors and patients in many diverse fields of application.

Your partner for medical-technical solutions

As a leading systems services provicer, TQ Systems has been developing pioneering solutions for the health care sector for many years. Our range of services includes electronic components and finished devices for medical technology companies – from pocket-sized consumer devices to large-scale equipment for hospitals and clinics. All of our solutions meet the highest technical standards as well as the special demands of the medical sector (legal requirements, industrial norms, etc.).

Commitment to quality

With all our solutions, one thing is clearly in the foreground: the safety of the patient. For us, as an electronics service provider, this does not only mean using the highest quality standards, but also running a comprehensive risk analysis down to component level in advance, as well as a complete risk and process documentation. TQ fulfills even the most stringent demands. Our medical technology employees are experienced in the areas of development, production and assembly. You benefit from our comprehensive range of products and services that meet the specific requirements of the medical sector.

Our comprehensive service

Upon request, TQ can also handle the entire product lifecycle management, ensuring ongoing further development so you can concentrate entirely on marketing and sales of the device.

Fields of application and references of our medical technology solutions Our solutions for the health care sector help people in many ways. Of course we are always glad to develop and manufacture customer-specific solutions, too.

Medical menstrual cycle calculator

Menstrual cycle calculator – natural contraception

Precise detection of ovulation in a woman's cycle

Basis: Morning temperature measurements

  • Displays the cycle precisely
  • Pearl index of 0.7
  • 99.3 percent accurate

Modul No. 1 mini

Real-time HD video


TQ Medical PC

Fanless panel PC



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