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Experience our aviation products directly in the cockpit or at trade fairs – live and in person! You can also experience our KRT2 flight radios and KTX2 transponders in video format.

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Tutorial #1: KTX2 Hex Code

Here we explain how the Hex Code works with the TQ-General-Aviation KTX2.

Tutorial #2: KRT2 RC controller

Here we explain how the remote control of the TQ-General Aviation KRT2 works.

Tutorial #3: KRT2 memory allocation

In this video we explain how the TQ-General Aviation KRT2 works.

Tutorial #4: KRT2 Squelch

In this video we explain how the squelch works on the TQ-General-Aviation KRT2.

Tutorial #5: KTX2 AircraftID MultiUse

In this video we explain how you can set the identifiers of several aircraft on the transponder.

Tutorial #6: KRT2 Squawk Function

In this video we explain how to change the VFR squawk on your avionics device.

Tutorial #7: KRT2 Lock Function

In this video, we explain how to activate and deactivate the "Lock function" on your avionics device.

Glider aerobatic pilot Simon Greis talks about the passion for flying and the cooperation with TQ-General-Aviation.

Enjoy a freestyle glider aerobatic flight with Simon.

What is the difference between freestyle competitions and "normal" championships?

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