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The most advanced 3D printing technologies allow fast and agile processes for building prototypes and tools, even with small series

3D-Drucker bei TQ

TQ as a reliable 3D printing partner

What began as the project of some engineering trainees to construct an FDM printer in house is today its own profit center of the TQ Group. Our manufacturing area would be unthinkable without this element. Here, TQ not only offers services in 3D printing. It also provides its many years of experience from in-house use. Additive manufacturing has become indispensable, particularly for prototypes, toolmaking and even for small product series. This is the experience that we gladly pass on to our customers as a service.


3D-Drucker bei TQ

Prototype construction, specialized tools and small series

3D printing makes it possible to avoid the high start-up costs in product development and in toolmaking. In particular for specialized tools and prototypes, additive manufacturing is the most cost-effective alternative. In addition, our FDM and SLS machines make it easy to realize even the most complicated geometries.  


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3D printing at TQ

Different applications – different technologies. At TQ, we particularly rely on the established SLS (selective laser sintering) method and the FDM (fused deposition modeling) printer. While the SLS method is frequently used for highly complex parts and even small series, the  FDM method is particularly well-suited for toolmaking (rapid tooling). We can also not overlook the stereolithography method that is primarily used for polymer prototypes. TQ offers all three technologies in its portfolio


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3D printing technologies

Fused Deposition Modeling


Selective Laser Sintering




Specialized grippers and supports for robot solutions

Particularly for advanced cobot projects, more and more specialized supports or parts are needed. Consequently, TQ relies on 3D printed grippers and specialized parts for in-house production and for innovative automation solutions with the Franka Emika robots from TQ Robotics.


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Design von Spezialwerkzeug für 3D-Druck

An overview of the benefits you get with our 3D printing solutions

  • Comprehensive application options (rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and additive small-series manufacture) using all the established 3D printing methods
  • Quick and cost-effective transition of ideas into models
  • A quicker development process and more certainty for series production
  • Individualized tools, even those with complicated geometries
  • Considerable cost savings with respect to classic manufacturing methods for specialized tools or small series

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