E²MS-Development Electronics and system development

We are your innovative and comprehensive development partner. Whether hardware development, software development, Layout or mechanics, TQ supports you and your project with every aspect of development – from the product idea to serial production.

As an E²MS systems provider (Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services), we can help you design printed circuit boards, components and complete units to meet every need and requirement. Having many years of experience and an extensive know-how in a wide range of industries, our development team will always find suitable and successful solutions for your needs.

The benefits for you

  • Many years of comprehensive experience in providing development services and in project management
  • Large development staff
  • Modular system – in many cases it’s not necessary to develop new solutions, because existing ODM- / OEM options can often be modified to meet your needs
  • DFx – Design for Excellence / Optimized Design
  • Advice on how to use various technologies
  • Comprehensive offerings – A single source for all your needs
  • Support for the redesign of older designs

Our E²MS services

Project management

Benefit from our comprehensive experience as an EMS service provider with customer-specific solutions in the areas of project and risk management.



  • Project management as a core competence of development
  • Support through the project cycle from the definition of requirements to the first series delivery
  • Project monitoring: costs, deadline, quality
  • Internal & external reporting: project progress, step-by-step HK calculation, active risk management
  • Various process models
  • Approval and standards management
  • Change Management

Systematic application with

  • Project management tools: TQ-Project with connection to SAP, MS-Project, JIRA, Confluence and others
  • Requirement Engineering with Polarion & Doors
  • Fault management & agile project management with JIRA
  • Risk management with Design FMEA, Process FMEA and risk management plan
  • Use of conventional procedures like Waterfall & V-model as well as agile methods like Kanban & SCRUM

Hardware development

Hardware development in the E²MS business: Depending on your requirements, we can provide support or take over the entire electronics development process for you, so that you can concentrate on your core competencies.


Microcontrollers – 8 to 64 bits, multicore und DSP – both modular and design-in solutions

  • Product Family ARM Cortex-Mx, Cortex-Ax, ARM 7, 9,11, ARM – A 53,72, Power-Architecture, 8051, ST7, H8, C16x, M16, MSP430, PIC, ColdFire, DSP
  • x86-Architecture: Intel® Atom™, Intel® Core™, Intel® Xeon®


  • SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 + LPDDR4, Flash, HDD, SSD, Industrial NAND-Flash, Power Sequencing

Interfaces, field buses – offered as solution kits

  • PCIe, PCI, SATA, USB, USB-C, M.2, mPCIe, mSATA,CF-Card Firewire, RapidIO
  • RS232, RS422/485, CAN, DeviceNet, CAN Open, KNX, LON, Ethernet 1, 2,5 ,10 Gbps
  • Sercos, Powerlink, M-Bus, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT



Display und Touchscreens

  • LCD, VFD, STN, TFT, also customized
  • Display Port, HDMI
  • Touch: resistive, capacitive, multi-touch

HF technology / radio technology

  • ISM430, ISM860, ISM2.4G, WLAN, ZigBee, GSM/GPRS, GPS, LTE


Analogue technology, metrology

  • Signal pickup, signal amplification, signal conditioning

Optoelectronics, audio and video technology

  • Camera systems, data communication, autofocus, digitizer, image editing, image processing, audio amplifier, spectrometer

Power electronics / power supply

  • Switching regulators, power supply units, inverters, chargers

Motor controls

  • DC motors, brushless DC motors, AC motors, stepper motors


  • SPICE, HyperLynx, FDTD

Software Developement

We support you with solutions tailored to your wishes, requirements and general framework. This ranges from hardware-related software components to complex application development, even in highly regulated environments (e.g. aviation, medical devices, and functionally safe systems). Everything is available as individual components or as complete systems. We enable short development times thanks to a large portfolio of existing and proven solution modules, thus offering quality and reliability.


Mikrocontroller Software

  • Design and implementation of firmware for microcontroller systems
  • Integration and adaptation of modern real-time operating systems (RTOS)
  • Development of specific peripheral drivers
  • Integration of middleware
  • Design and implementation of the application logic
    • Measurement, control, regulation
    • Digital signal processing
    • Data storage and processing
    • Complex state machines
    • Graphical user interfaces (GUI)
    • Connectivity (including WiFi)
    • IoT applications (MQTT)

Application Development

  • Design and conception
  • Implementation of modern software architectures and operating concepts (including distributed applications, micro services, use of web technologies)
  • User interface and usability design
  • Measure and control
  • Signal processing and sensor fusion
  • Data management
  • System updates (classic, over the air (OTA), cloud based)
  • Security and safety
  • Graphical user interfaces (GUI) with/without touch operation
  • Design and implementation of connectivity and modern IoT solutions
  • Desktop applications for communication with embedded devices
  • Use of the latest programming languages, frameworks and technologies

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

  • Customized Apps
  • Service apps for status display and control
  • Platform-specific or cross-platform code base
  • Maintenance and care

IoT, Web and Cloud Applications

  • IoT microcontroller software
  • Development of web front-end applications for embedded systems as an alternative to the display
  • Networking of products with cloud services and portals (retrofit integration)
  • IoT interfaces for embedded systems (cloud connection)
  • Backend programming with your cloud solutions (including update infrastructure, runtime analysis, machine usage)
  • Customer-specific IoT devices and IoT gateways
    • Wireless devices (WiFi, LTE / LTE-M, ZigBee, Z-Wave)
    • IoT functions for TQ modules and baseboards
    • IoT Software
  • Firewalls and edge computing servers
  • Own box PCs, integrated and customer-specific solutions
  • Cloud servers and cloud services
    • Installation and administration, also in external data centers
    • Supervision and monitoring
    • Data storage
    • Data preparation and visualization (including information fusion)
    • Maintenance and care

Embedded Operating Systems

  • Customer-specific UEFI BIOS development for our x86 modules
    • Boot logo, chip integration (including Super IOs), PCIe configuration
    • Secure Boot
    • Adaptation of customer-specific carrier hardware
  • Embedded Application Programming Interface (EAPI)
    • Access to board information
    • Backlight, storage, I2C bus, watchdog, GPIO functions
  • Linux Board Support Packages (BSP) for PowerPC, ARM and x86 architectures
    • Real-time extensions (Preempt-RT Linux, Xenomai)
    • Use of modern build systems like Yocto, PTXdist, BuildRoot, OpenWRT
    • Development of bootloader (among others U-Boot, eboot, vxWorks bootlader, GRUB)
    • Professional embedded Linux development
    • Implementation of peripheral drivers / hardware interfaces including I²C, I²S, SPI, CAN, USB, RS232/485, PCI/PCIe, LVDS, HDMI, Ethernet, WiFi, and many more
    • Integration of libraries and middleware
      • Modern communication stacks, such as WiFi, CANopen, Modbus, MQTT, OPC UA, fieldbus
      • Integration of data management systems, file systems, databases
      • Embedded GUI and application frameworks, such as OpenGL, DirectFB, Qt

Engineering Services

  • Requirements engineering
  • Software architecture design
  • Threat analyses (Cyber Security)
  • Functional safety
  • User interface and usability design
  • White and black box testing
  • License conformity Clearing
  • Standards and processes including software development according to processes of EN9100 and DO-178B/C (DAL C-E) as well as IEC 62304 and IEC 61508

Logic-Design / System-on-Chip

As an E²MS system supplier, TQ offers system-on-chip development, also known as Logic Design, of the highest quality.


SoC applications

  • High performance and low latency
  • Fast control algorithms
  • Proprietary protocols
  • Periphery expansion for processors / microcontrollers

SoC methodology

  • Design with VHDL, C and MATLAB
  • System-level design with IP Cores
  • Verification with simulation, coverage, hardware tests

Design service

  • Broad vendor and architecture support (e.g. INTEL/ALTERA, XILINX, LATTICE, ACTEL/MICROSEMI)
  • Optimization and conversion


As an E²MS system supplier (E²MS = Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services), TQ can assist you at every stage of your project – according to your wishes and needs. In addition to electronics development, PCB layout (also called PCB design) including correct PCB realisation of challenging boards is a good entry point into TQ’s electronics services.


High PCB quality

Through intensive contact with various circuit board manufacturers qualified by TQ and the application of defined design rules, your circuit board is produced in a high-quality and cost-effective manner.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM), high assembly quality

With the help and feedback of TQ’s own assembly production department, we keep our PCB design rules up to date and place your components on your PCB in compliance with all electrical requirements.


Design for Testability (DFT), best possible testability of the printed board assembly

Test procedures are coordinated at an early stage with the TQ specialist department for test equipment development. This is how we achieve optimal test depth at low cost. The layout is designed for the most effective and cost-effective optical and electrical testing possible.

Rapid start of production

Internal review in the different design phases avoid the need for redesigns, saving you time and costs. Our overall view of your design across the entire process chain allows you to benefit from low product costs.

Mechanical development

Our range of services in mechanical development includes:



  • Concept development
  • Material and technology consulting

CAD Construktion:

  • CAD design suitable for production
  • Housing construction
  • Drive systems, motors, gearboxes
  • Development of mechatronic components and systems


  • FEM strength analysis
  • FEM thermosimulation
  • FEM flow simulation
  • Assembly simulation
  • Motion simulation


Technical Documentation

Prototyping and prototype construction:

  • 3D-printing
  • Stereolithography (SL)
  • Vacuum casting

Series reconciliation

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

TQ offers a full range of services in the field of electromagnetic compatibility such as:

  • EMC consulting, EMC training
  • EMC concept (ground, power supply, filter, ...)
  • EMC measurement
  • EMC preliminary testing
  • EMC optimization
  • EMC-Simulation (SPICE, HyperLynx, FDTD)
  • Interference emission, interference immunity
  • Far field, near field, wired

Product qualification

As an E²MS system supplier, the TQ-Group offers you a wide range of product tests at the highest level as a basis for product certifications and approvals:


Climate tests

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Temperature cycles

Mechanical tests

  • Vibration resistance
  • Shock resistance

EMC tests

  • Interference emission
  • Interference immunity (field-bound, line-bound, ESD)

Reliability and durability tests

  • HALT (securing product development)
  • HASS (securing serial production)

More tests

  • Impermeability
  • Chemical resistance (liquids, gases)

Radio approvals

  • EMC and RED
  • FCC and ISED
  • and more


Function and specification testing

  • Tolerances
  • Stability
  • Signal integrity
  • Timing

Development process

  • FMEA at system, design and process level

Environmental protection requirements

  • REACh, RoHS, WEEE, EUP, BattG

Functional safety requirements

  • SIL, DAL

Certifications and approvals

  • Device safety TÜV/GS, VDE, UL
  • Medical devices
  • Aviation
  • Shipping

Process qualification/validation

In the TQ-Group, we determine the optimal manufacturing and testing processes for the product within the framework of advance quality planning on the basis of the existing design. Ideally, this process should take place during development in order to achieve optimum manufacturing costs, manufacturability and testability.

In the area of E²MS we use qualified and validated standard processes which are combined, adapted and validated product-specifically.


IQ – Installation Qualification

With the Installation Qualification (IQ) we prove that a machine has been delivered and correctly installed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Design Qualification. This also includes checking that the appropriate working environment has been selected.

  • Definition of requirements for the equipment
  • Selection / procurement of suitable equipment
  • Careful inspection of the installation: operability, software inspection, safety equipment inspection, general functional tests, careful inspection of the equipment properties for the planned area of use.

OQ – Operation Qualification

Operation Qualification (OQ) checks the correct functioning of the equipment under real conditions. It is proven that the equipment delivers the expected results using product-specific settings.

  • Complete system check
  • Functional tests
  • Test and modification of all variable settings
  • Calibration
  • Software
  • Determination of the product-related process parameters


PQ – Performance Qualification

As part of the performance or performance qualification (PQ), we regularly monitor and evaluate process stability in relation to the respective quality criteria and the associated individual product characteristics.

It is proven that the process consistently achieves the defined quality characteristics under real production conditions and delivers reproducible and reliable results in regular use.

  • Quality control chart
  • Quality metrics
  • FPY evaluations

On the basis of this data, we control a continuous improvement process (PDCA cycle) and ensure consistently high product quality.

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