Business fields

As a systems provider TQ supports numerous clients from many different sectors.

Your comprehensive systems provider

TQ works with a broad spectrum of businesses – both new start-ups and venerable companies – and helps them find answers to the technological issues they face. In so doing we are helping define the growth industries of the future. From industrial companies to energy suppliers, medical technology and aerospace companies, logistics providers and building automation experts – TQ provides valuable support in every phase of the product lifecycle.


Electronic systems to optimize agricultural operating processes (Smart Farming)


Drive technology

For applications ranging from hospital operating rooms to exoskeletons, from factory production lines to high-risk environments.



E-bike drives, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and more.


Energy & Smart Grid

Intelligent solutions for controlling energy consumption and overvoltage monitoring.


Building automation

Load management, smart metering, smart home.


Industrial automation

Mechanical engineering, automation, measurement and control technology, process engineering and monitoring.


Industrial electronics

Production technology, equipment technology, assembly, quality assurance, maintenance.


Industrial communication

Industrial networks, data exchange in manufacturing and processing.


IoT / Industry 4.0

Combing the digital and the physical in the industrial environment.


Aerospace / Aviation

Commercial and general aviation, cabin technology, cargo and freight, avionics and space travel.


Medical technology

Technical solutions and applications for hospitals and clinics, as well as therapy and research.



Laser controls and measurement technology.



Cobots, controls and drives, software extensions.


Shipping & Offshore

Components for marine electronics.


Traffic and transport technology

Logistics, passenger transport, freight transport, drive solutions.



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