TQ-Aviation accessories KTX2.V2 transponder and KRT2 radio

TQ Aviation accessories

Here's an overview of matching accessories for our KRT2 radio and our KTX2.V2 transponder for your installation or retrofit.

Our accessories allow you to upgrade your transponder for GPS usage. In combination with our KTX2.V2, which supportss ADS-B-Out, you will get the optimal collision prevention.

Accessories for General Aviation products


Adapter Plate 160mm for KRT2-S

Simple integration of two 57 mm Ø standard devices in a 160...


NexNav 21.000 Kit

GPS Source with wiring to KTX2



GPS source NL-8339P incl. connection cable KBSX1



GPS source NL-3330 incl. connection cable KBSX1


Blind Cover for KRT2 S / KTX2 S

Cover plate for unused 57mm cut-outs in the adapter plate...


FSGF-01 Mounting Frame KRT2 to FSG40/50/60

Mounting frame for exchanging a FSG40/50/60 insert frame for...


Mating Connector ST

Mating connector with soldering aid ST


KBS1 Cable Set

KBS1 cable set open ends one-sided


KBS2 Double-Seater Cable Set

KBS2 Double-Seater Cable Set for aircrafts


KBS3 Double-Seater Cable Set (Gliding)

KBS3 Double-Seater Cable Set (Gliding)


Adapter Plug KRT2 Standard <> Becker 3201

Simple change of a Beckers 3201 to a KRT2-S. Recommendation...


Adapter Plug KRT2 Standard <> Becker 4201

For the simple exchange of a Beckers 4201 to a KRT2-S. This...


Adapter Plug KRT2 Standard <> Dittel FSG 71/FSG 2T

For the easy exchange of a Dittel FSG71/FSG 2T to a KRT2-S....


Adapter Plug KRT2 Standard<> Filser ATR 720 / Dittel FSG 40/50/60

For the easy change of a Filser ATR720 / Dittel FSG40/50/60...


Adapterstecker KRT2 Standard <> Funkwerk ATR 500/600

For the simple exchange of a Funkwerk ATR500/600 to a...


SM4 Electret Gooseneck Microphone

The Electret gooseneck microphone is optimally adapted to...


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