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Powerful solution for real-time applications in industry

Ready for the next step in the evolution of industrial embedded technology? The TQMa62xx(L) - 2 designs and your performance upgrade for industrial applications

With the brand new TQMa62xx(L), TQ presents two new embedded modules based on the AM62xx CPUs from Texas Instruments. These modules come in two different form factors - connector and LGA version - and thus set new standards in terms of flexibility and performance.

As direct successors to TI's widely used AM335x family, the AM62xx promise a performance upgrade. With an increase in CPU performance, extended graphics functions and a wealth of industrial interfaces, they offer a scalable platform that will drive your demanding application forward in a future-oriented manner.


Embedded Cortex®-A53 module based on TI AM62xx for applications with enhanced computing & scalable graphics performance



Embedded Cortex®-A53 module based on TI AM62xx for applications with enhanced computing & scalable graphics performance


New TQ module based on the AM67x processor

TI's new AM67x processor family will be presented for the first time at embedded world 2024. With the new module design, TQ plans to expand the performance of TI Arm-based solutions. This innovative series from the Jacinto series impresses with impressive graphics and AI performance as well as a scalable platform that offers optional functions such as AI, Vision ISP and 3D GPU.

  • Performance plus in computing power thanks to up to 4x Cortex A53 with up to 1.4GHz
  • Enhanced graphics properties thanks to improved graphics engine, 4k resolution, video Dec / Enc
  • 3 displays LVDS, DSI and RGB
  • Up to 4x camera interface for connecting camera sensors

More data available soon

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Welcome to the next generation of industrial control technology

Our powerful embedded modules TQMa62xx, TQMa62xxL, TQMa64xxL, TQMa243xL and TQMa65xx provide the ideal basis for your industrial application, control system or HMIs.

The large number of industrial interfaces such as real-time capable Gbit Ethernet ports, CAN - FD and PCIe enable the implementation of e.g. programmable logic controllers or HMIs. In addition, the different platforms offer further features such as 3D graphics and LVDS interface for high-resolution graphics or camera interfaces, which round off the performance spectrum and can be used depending on the requirements.


Embedded Cortex®-A53 module based on AM65xx for applications with enhanced real-time requirements



Embedded Cortex®-A53 / R5F module based on TI AM64xx for headless Applications with real-time demand



Embedded Cortex®- R5F module based on TI AM243x for headless Applications with Real – time demand


Scalable platform based on current processors of the AM65xx, AM62xx, AM64xx & AM234x families from Texas Instruments

Get a comprehensive overview of our powerful embedded modules TQMa62xx, TQMa62xxL, TQMa64xxL, TQMa243xL and TQMa65xx, and contact us today to start your journey into the future for your industrial application, controller or HMI.

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Discover the functions of the individual modules.


Comparison of AM335x and AM62x

We have compared the functions of the individual families in an overview.


Fields of application for the embedded modules TQMa62xx, TQMa62xxL, TQMa64xxL, TQMa243xL and TQMa65xx

Case Study - Head for Headless

TQMa65xx and MBa65xx use Texas Instruments Sitara AM65x for flexible edge, fog and cloud computing in automation technology. Learn more in our whitepaper.


Case Study - Embedded modules for agricultural technology

With the new TQMa64xxL and TQMa243xL module series, TQ offers the right technology basis for agriculture: small, robust and with real-time capability for sensor evaluation and device control.


Our USPs

  • Unbeatable long-term availability
  • Robustness for all applications
  • The most comprehensive range of modules on the market
  • A comprehensive design and support of an E²MS manufacturer
  • Full design freedom, as all processor functions are fully accessible
  • x86 for tough industrial use

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