NexNav 21.000 KitGPS Source with wiring to KTX2


Aspen Avionics NexNav 21.000 + KBSX4
  • for the extension of the KTX2 with ADS-B out
  • including Aspen Avionics NexNav 21.000 GPS receiver
  • insensitive to interference
  • DC/DC converter integrated
  • including TQ KBSX4 connection cable for KTX transponder
With the TQ-ADS-B out package you can make your KTX2 transponder ADS-B suitable for out capable. The wiring harness with integrated low-noise DC/DC converter allows direct connection of the GPS receiver. You only need to connect to DC power and a transponder antenna.
The NexNav GPS sensor units designed to meet the requirements of US FAA TSO C145c and intended for installation on board civil aircraft. Their primary function is to provide aircraft position, aircraft velocity and precise time.

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