TQ presents new module design based on Sitara AM243x microcontroller and AM64xx processor

TQ announces the TQMaX4XxL, an LGA (Land Grid Array) module that uses a combination design based on the Sitara AM243x microcontroller and the AM64xx processor from Texas Instruments (TI). This LGA module provides a flexible, space-saving pin-to-pin compatible solution for low- to high-end applications with real-time requirements of the factory of the future.

The distinctive point of TQMaX4XxL is that the module design is very compact with approximately 38x38mm and still covers a very large performance spectrum. This includes the scalable computing power, low power dissipation and real-time capable Gbit Ethernet in combination with a very well equipped embedded module, as is common at TQ. This is a special milestone for TQ. We are pleased to be able to exclusively offer our target markets the highest flexibility with this combination design. «

Andreas Willig, Product Manager at TQ

TQMaX4XxL frei

Designed with the two device families from TI, the Sitara AM243x MCUs and AM64xx processors, the TQMaX4XxL offers a scalable platform for industrial applications combined in one module design. Examples of industrial applications that can use this module include servo motor controllers (for robots), industrial gateways, as well as controllers with real-time applications, data collectors, and more. The Sitara MCUs and MPUs enable the TQMaX4XxL to support industrial Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT and Profinet for implementing fieldbus and TSN applications. Both devices, MCU and MPU, offer built-in security features such as cryptographic accelerators (AES, 3DES, MD5, etc.) and the ability to support Secure Boot. In addition, the module offers a "Trusted Secure Element". Furthermore, both devices have additional features, diagnostics and collateral that help designers meet functional safety standards in their systems e.g. for critical communication via SPI, I2C or UART.

The AM243x and AM64xx both offer high- bandwidth networking capabilities, and the TQMaX4XxL module has up to four real-time capable Gbit Ethernet ports that enable high-speed communication. Since data communication between machines and their controllers is essential in modern manufacturing, the TQMaX4XxL module can be used for fieldbus endpoint applications, gateways and small edge servers in production, providing data for the cloud.

In addition, the module design offers further interfaces, including USB 2.0 (AM243x MCU) or USB 3.0 (AM64x MPU) as well as PCIe for connecting mass storage devices or possible radio standards. Industrial sensors can be connected via the two CAN FD interfaces.

TQMaX4XxL users benefit from maximum flexibility: TI's two variants are pin-to-pin compatible and can therefore be used in one design. This enables the module user to respond to customer requirements at short notice and make adjustments at a later date. In this way, device classes from MCU to MPU can be realized with one module design.

MBaX4XxL starter kit suitable for the module

The mainboard MBaX4XxL (160x100mm) provides the most important interface functions of the TQMa243xL & TQMa64xxL modules. It is optimally designed to allow customers to start their software evaluation immediately. The following interfaces are available to the user: Two real-time capable Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for industrial communication via fieldbus systems or TSN, one Gigabit Ethernet for fast data communication, two CAN-FD (galvanically isolated) for connecting sensors, eight digital and eight analog IOs for controlling external peripherals, one SD card interface for flexibly testing software, 1x USB3.0/ USB2.0 OTG and one USB debug interface. In addition, the latest wireless communication can be tested via a WIFI and mobile radio option. Further signals, e.g. two additional PRU ports, RS485 etc. are available via additional pin headers. This single board computer, consisting of soldered LGA module and main board, can already be used as a ready qualified industrial board due to its many functions. Furthermore, it can be used as a basis for own designs starting with the gateway for the collection of production data up to real-time recording of sensor data in automation.

Block diagram MBax4xxL:

Embedded Blockschaltbild

Main features of the TQMa243xL and TQMa64xxL module variants:

  • AM64xx processor: up to 2 Arm Cortex-A53 + up to 4  Arm Cortex-R5F cores
  • AM243x processor: up to 4 Arm Cortex-R5F cores
  • Integrated Arm Cortex-M4 controller
  • Up to 4x real-time Gigabit Ethernet ports for fieldbus or TSN applications with optional pre-certified integrated protocol stacks from Texas Instruments (EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Profinet)
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet port, 1x USB 3.0 / 1x PCIe, 1x USB 2.0 for fast data communication, 2x CAN-FD, SD card etc.
  • Large memory expansion: LPDDR4 with up to 2 GB possible for demanding applications
  • eMMC with up to 64 GB as primary memory
  • NOR Flash with up to 256 MB for additional data security
  • EEPROM with 64 kbit for customer specific data
  • Optional Trust-Secure element for extended security functions
  • Support for Linux + Realtime OS on AM64xx processor, FreeRTOS on AM243x MCU 
  • Low power consumption of only approx. 1-2 watts


The TQMa243xL and TQMa64xxL modules and the matching starter kit samples will be available from Q1/2022 at the latest.

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