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TQ develops a new Sitara processor module for applications with real-time requirements

Technology service provider TQ, one of the leading embedded specialists, today announced the start of development for a Sitara processor module based on the new AM64xx processor family from Texas Instruments. The TQMa64xxL embedded module will be available from the first quarter of 2022 and will have all the features required for use in innovative Industry 4.0 applications, such as industrial gateways.

As far as the processor is concerned, TQ relies on the AM64xx, a new CPU family from Texas Instruments, which is installed on an LGA (Land Grid Array) module. These graphics-free and energy-efficient processors with a very low power dissipation of only 1-2 watts are ideal for low to high-end applications. The TQMa64xxL offers an impressively high range of functions and performance, with a slim module size of only 38x38 mm. The potential application areas of the new module class are diverse and range from industrial automation, robotics and cloud applications to industrial IoT, headless gateways and medical technology.


"The megatrend factory of the future requires real-time capable control units in its implementation. This is exactly where TQ comes in, and with the new module based on the AM64xx processor family, it implements exactly the right solution module for Industry 4.0 applications," explains Andreas Willig, the responsible product manager at TQ.


The ARM64xx processors feature up to two Cortex-A53 cores (up to 1GHz) and up to four Cortex-R5F cores (800MHz) - for powerful support of real-time operating systems. In addition, all five module variants (AM6442 / AM6441 / AM6421 / AM6412 / AM6411) offer a Cortex-M4 core (400MHz). This relieves the main cores and can be used to implement security functions.


The module design of the TQMa64xxL provides for an eMMC (embedded Multimedia Card) with a memory size of up to 64GB in addition to the energy-efficient LPDDR4 memory, which can be expanded to up to 2GB. In addition, a NOR flash memory with up to 64 MB capacity provides even more data security. Safety-critical information, e.g. regarding the boot loader (U-Boot) or production data, can be stored on it.


Up to four real-time capable Gbit Ethernet ports for fieldbus or TNS applications enable real-time communication. Two PRUs (Programmable Realtime Units) also ensure that industrial communication can be implemented via Ethercat, Profinet or from Ethernet / IP. Since data communication between machines and their controllers is essential in modern manufacturing, the TQMa64xxL is particularly well suited for fieldbus slave applications or data collectors in manufacturing industry that provide data for the cloud. Other areas of application include servo motor controls for CNC machine tools or medical surgical robots.



The embedded module TQMa64xxL in detail

  • 4x real-time capable Gbit Ethernet for fieldbuses
  • Up to 2x CAN FC (Controlled Area Network Flexible Data-Rate)
  • Integrated Cortex M4 microcontroller
  • High-speed communication via 2x Gbit Ethernet, 1x USB 2.0, etc.
  • Low power dissipation (typ. 1-2W)
  • Integrated security functions


Availability: The modules will be available from quarter 1 of the upcoming year 2022


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