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TQMLS102xA: New ways of data communication

24.02.2016 | TQ-Embedded


At the embedded world, TQ is showing with the TQMLS102xA a minimodule based on the new QorIQ™ LS102xA Layerscape™ processor family of NXP Semiconductor. The TQMLS102xA is presently the smallest module with this technology on the market and furthermore is convincing with its high-speed interfaces and very low power consumption. This opens up new ways of data communication.

The TQMLS102xA is equipped with an ARM Dual Cortex™-A7 CPU with ECC protected L1 and L2 cache and only measures 55x44 mm², which is an innovation in Layerscape™ technology. The module was customized to the requirements of developers, who not only intend to realize secure and fast data transmission, but also need to pay attention to energy efficiency. The connection of the ARM Dual Cortex™-A7 core to the communication unit with the new “Cache Coherent Interconnect” bus system (CCI400) forms an ideal platform for challenging tasks.

Applications can be realized, for which low energy consumption is required, as well as secure and fast data communication. An integrated graphic also allows displays to be connected.

The embedded module with an average power consumption of 3-5W is ideal for applications from the fields of network technology, industry control units, M2M and Internet-of-Things (IoT) gateways. All externally usable signals of the TQMLS102xA are available via industry-compatible connectors with a grid of 0.8 mm, which have already proven themselves at TQ for more than 15 years.

A Linux BSP has been developed for module-specific and mainboard-specific interfaces. An adaptation of QNX, Green Hills, VxWorks and PikeOS is also planned. This way, all applications from the area of safety and security can be implemented. 

With this module, TQ has added the ground-breaking Layerscape™ CPU architecture to its product range. Customers profit from a powerful platform at attractive conditions.


Link to the product page TQMLS102xA