TQ becomes Platinum Partner of NXP Semiconductors TQ appreciates NXP's longstanding trust and elevation to the highest partnership level

Since 2005 TQ-Systems and NXP® Semiconductors have been working together first as Motorola  Semiconductors, with the 68000 and PowerPC processor architectures and later with Freescale and now NXP, with a focus on the Arm® CPU architectures. During these many changes, the partnership has been based on long-term cooperation, a mutual basis of trust and first-hand information and support. TQ has accompanied NXP in every evolutionary step with new products and consistently implements new technologies, be it machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), security, connectivity and now edge IoT.

NXP Platinum Partner

With its i.MX applications processors and Layerscape® processors, NXP focuses on the industrial environment in the areas of smart homes, building technology, healthcare devices and human machine interfaces across multiple markets. In addition to processors, NXP offers valuable solution components such as PMICs, security components, analog front ends and Wi-Fi solutions that enhance customer value. This is in line with the many years of experience of TQ, which has built up expertise in all these areas.

NXP Platinum Partner

“NXP has a reliable partner in TQ-Systems who can support customers with the latest NXP solutions. Our board solutions enable customers to reduce time-to-market while maintaining high quality and durability,” explains Konrad Zöpf, Deputy Director TQ Embedded and Product Management ARM / Layerscape at TQ.

With the new generation of i.MX 9 applications processors, NXP is currently launching products that further increase systems performance and connectivity, enable more advanced levels of security, and provide a bundle of hardware and software features for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

“Together with TQ-Systems, NXP offers customers complete hardware solutions and, with our eIQ® machine learning software development environment, the complete software solution for building AI into their products. With TQ Systems, our customers have an excellent partner in this area,” says Ron Martino, Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer, NXP Semiconductors.

TQ appreciates the trust that NXP has placed in it over the years and is honored to be able to offer high-quality embedded solutions together as a Platinum Partner in the future.

NXP Platinum Partner

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