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TQ to present RoboDrive solutions at SPS IPS Drives Italia 2018

22.05.2018 | TQ-Group | TQ-RoboDrive

The technology company TQ will showcase its innovative RoboDrive technology together with its distribution partner Pamoco at the SPS IPC Drives Italia 2018, Italy’s premier automation event. Both companies can be found in Hall 5 at Booth B020.

Visitors can experience the technology firsthand in TALOS, a humanoid robot developed by the Barcelona-based company PAL Robotics. With TQ-RoboDrive motors and full torque sensor feedback in all arm and leg joints, TALOS can perform tasks requiring a wide range of skills, from navigating rough terrain to precisely drilling holes.

Drive solutions from TQ-RoboDrive can be found wherever high torque density, dynamic response, positioning precision and efficiency are at a premium. Structurally integrated servo kits combine stator, rotor, sensors and safety brakes in a compact, frameless unit as small as ø25mm, with hollow-shaft capabilities for maximum freedom of design. The TQ-RoboDrive family of motors includes housed servo motors ranging in diameter from 32mm to 96mm, as well as gear motors and high-performance compact drives. With the SDB-40-100 servo inverter, developers can explore the outer limits of dynamic response on TQ-RoboDrive servo motors.

Originally designed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for missions in outer space, TQRoboDrive motors offer exceptional performance characteristics that make them ideal for applications in medical devices, aerospace, robotics, industrial automation, laser and optics.