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TQ shows first ARM Cortex-A35-based modules with latest i.MX8X technology

28.02.2018 | TQ-Embedded | TQ-Group

The technology company TQ has introduced its first modules based on the i.MX8X CPU series at embedded world 2018. As a selected i.MX8X early access partner of NXP, TQ developed two form factors based on the new core architecture. TQ is displaying both modules at its Stand 1-578 in Hall 1.

The i.MX8X is the first i.MX ARM processor from NXP that can support displays with a resolution of up to 4K. In this product family, three pin-compatible CPU versions are available with different graphics performances and a different number of cores. The CPU-integrated Cortex M4 processor provides support with the required real-time functions.

The CPU family from NXP combines numerous functions with an attractive energy balance for an advanced module design. The new ARM modules from TQ, thanks to their interface variety in a small footprint and with low power consumption, provide an ideal nucleus for applications from the most diverse areas: from human-machine interfaces, industrial controllers and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), all the way to gateways. In addition to these, there are many other potential applications for the module.

The first module, only 55 x 44 mm in size, is adapted such that all interfaces can be used directly on the module. The second module complies with the SMARC 2.0 standard and has a size of 82 x 50 mm. Both modules have DDR3L RAM including ECC support. In addition, QSPI NOR flash memory with up to 256 MB is available as an option.

With these designs, TQ is expanding its range of products with a new CPU architecture based on the ARM Cortex A35. It is expected that initial samples will be available to selected customers starting in May 2018.


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