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TQ receives Production Organization Approval (POA)

07.03.2018 | TQ-Aviation | TQ-General-Aviation | TQ-Group

The technology company TQ has received Production Organization Approval from the Federal Aviation Office in Germany (LBA). With the POA certificate, TQ can now claim full manufacturing responsibility for its entire avionics product range, including the KRT2, KTX2 and future products.

TQ is among the first E²MS companies to have been examined and certified by both the German Federal Aviation Office and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Equipped with both Design Organization Approval (DOA) and Production Organization Approval (POA) privileges, TQ can now deliver all certified products with an EASA Form 1 certificate.

“This certification represents a significant step toward the future for TQ,” said Patrick Schrot, General Manager of TQ-Aviation. “The unique combination of certification and decades of industry experience will enable TQ to begin manufacturing its own aviation products – and become a technology trendsetter in the industry”

The certification will additionally allow TQ to increase speed-to-market for customers, who will no longer have to recertify or reapprove solutions. The company is currently also working on receiving Maintenance Organization Approval (MOA).