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TQ opens its first location in the USA

30.08.2018 | TQ-Group | TQ-Aviation | TQ-Commercial-Aviation | TQ-General-Aviation | TQ-Embedded | TQ-RoboDrive

The technology company TQ has founded the subsidiary TQ Systems USA Inc. headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia. In addition to the locations in China and Switzerland, TQ continues to expand its international presence to better serve its customers on-site.

Frank Denk is the CEO of TQ Systems USA Inc. In persistently and continually building the operational business, he is supported by a highly qualified team (Sales, Administration, Service and Support). “We want to be as close to our customers as possible and to react, in the same time zone where they live” explains Denk. “We emphasize our on-site commitment by hiring employees who think and act in the culture of the country.”

TQ decided to establish a strategic office in the USA in the conviction of serving customers close to their locations. With TQ Systems USA, the TQ Group can even better accommodate the specific market conditions, for example when getting products approved for the US market. To start, TQ sells and services in the US the products from the business units of TQ Drives, TQ Embedded and TQ Aviation.

Virginia, a state in the USA, is a fast-growing business location in a strong technology region. It offers an attractive academic infrastructure, especially in the areas of electronics and mechatronics that are important to TQ.