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TQ-Aviation sets its sights on the US market

17.10.2017 | TQ-Group | TQ-Aviation

ADS-B-Out transponder and transceiver “Made in Germany”

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The TQ Group is expanding its business in the US to include its complete line of aviation products, all wholly manufactured in Germany. The Bavaria-based technology concern will unveil its KTX2 transponder with ADS-B-Out functionality at the upcoming DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase from November 2-4, 2017, in Florida.

With the acquisition of the well-known German avionic manufacturer Dittel in 2016, TQ-Aviation expanded its existing portfolio of commercial aviation solutions to include products for general aviation customers. 

TQ Radio transceiver KRT2-F flat

“We’ve been serving the commercial aviation market as a second-tier supplier for a number of years,” says Patrick Schrot, General Manager of TQ-Aviation. “Having received DOA certification in August 2017 and with POA and MOA certifications pending, we’re now a certified and trusted partner for transponders and transceivers series as well.” 

General aviation pilots and aircraft owners in the US have had ample opportunity to become familiar with the term “ADS-B Out”, or Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast. Starting in 2020, all aircraft must be equipped with the new technology, which enhances the transponder signal to include GPS position. It was designed to assist aircraft in avoiding collisions in the increasingly crowded airspace. 

TQ Radio transceiver KRT2-S and Remote

The KTX2-S transponder from TQ is now being upgraded and certified with ADS-B functionality to meet the requirements of the US FAA, while simultaneously complying with the European Mode-S standard. The compact unit equipped with the latest digital technology is available for installation in either the 5 ½-inch flat or 2 ¼-inch round panel holes.

“The fair in DeLand, Florida offers an optimal platform for communicating directly with our target group, i.e., the pilots. While in many regions of Europe the season is already over, pilots can fly all year long in the aviator's paradise of Florida,” explains Sebastian Glück, Head of Sales at TQ-Aviation. The TQ team aims to introduce both the KTX2 transponder and its 8.33 kHz radio transceiver KRT2 to both the American public and distributors in the US. 

TQ Transponder KTX2-S

“The opportunity to showcase the quality and technology of our products live, and to get direct feedback from our most important target groups, is essential for us,” concludes Stephanie Poetter, Marketing Manager for TQ-Aviation. 

Though in only its second year, the Deland event has already established itself as a popular alternative to well-known major fairs. The comparatively small scale lends itself to in-depth technical discussions and gives manufacturers more opportunities to offer demonstration flights.


The DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase will take place from Thursday, November 2 through Saturday, November 4, 2017. The team from TQ-Aviation will be at booths 205 and 206.