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RoboDrive: the brand for complete drive system solutions

25.11.2015 | TQ-Group | TQ-RoboDrive

TQ Schedl-Schneider

Under the RoboDrive brand, TQ-Systems is developing, producing and marketing drive solutions that range from drive control to input panels, inverters and motor and gear units, ready-to-install motors and client-specific integrated drive solutions.

Since 2006, the RoboDrive motors are produced in the facilities of the electronics service provider TQ-Systems. In 2014 RoboDrive was fully integrated into the TQ-Systems. TQ-Systems, part of the TQ-Group, now continues the business under the brand RoboDrive - providing excellent and powerful drive solutions to the market.

Manfred Schedl, former managing director of RoboDrive GmbH is now responsible for the mechatronics at TQ: “TQ-Systems can already look back on 21 successful years as an electronics service provider. With nearly 1,400 employees, 160 of them working in its development department, TQ is a powerhouse of capital and innovation. Our customers now benefit from the connection of the powerful structures of the TQ-Group and the experiences from the drive technology.”

As the name suggests, the initial focus of RoboDrive was on robotic applications. “In addition, our motors score well in the industrial areas of industrial engineering, automation, medical and semiconductors. Our technology provides outstanding dynamics, torque density, precision and efficiency. RoboDrive motors are industry-leading in terms of power density with its specific motor constant per unit weight,” explains Manfred Schedl.

The combination of high speed and torque enables short cycle times when the motors are used in production applications. RoboDrive motors also run properly under critical environmental conditions such as elevated temperatures, vacuum and radiation, also in mobile applications with a battery supply. The reasons for this are the industry-leading power density and high efficiency of the motors. The design assures that highly precise positioning tasks can be mastered with excellent rotational speed stability. RoboDrive drive solutions are therefore ideal for precision applications such as those in the optical industry, stabilization tasks, camera guidance, laser technology and highly precise positioning.


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