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RoboDrive lifts drive technology to a new response level

12.09.2016 | TQ-Group | TQ-RoboDrive

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The TQ Group will bring its own servo inverter technology to market at the end of 2016 under the RoboDrive brand name. The universally applicable low-voltage inverter SDB-40-100 is offering for the first time the option of accessing the entire response potential of RoboDrive motors and thus offering, for example, the possibility of optimizing process cycle times and perfecting homokinetic characteristics. 


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The universal Servo Drive Box SDB-40-100 supports all commercially available sensor types and fieldbuses for easy system integration. In addition, TQ attached particular attention to the feature that, even in networks with numbers of participants running to three digits, all axes can be matched to one another in the nanosecond range. 

The extremely powerful TQ computer module makes it possible to clock all control loops, without exception, at 100 kHz. In this way, it would be possible, for example, to modulate Beethoven's Symphony 9 in a clear D Minor using the current regulator. Expressed in rough drive-technology terms, the control response is sufficient to operate motors with clean sinusoidal commutation up to 600,000 rpm.

The tremendous speed dynamic response is demonstrated with a speed inversion from the negative maximum speed to the positive maximum speed. This happens so fast that it cannot be perceived visually. This inversion translates into a speed change of more than 50,000 rpm in just under 10 ms, so fast that the resulting jolt from the rotor, weighing only 8 g, can be easily felt very with the human hand.

With the extraordinarily short controller clock pulses, TQ has taken the necessary step to make the classic oscilloscope unnecessary during commissioning. Besides the customary state variables, digital data logging provides all internal controller variables directly on the PC with a time resolution of 100 kHz.


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