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QNX7 is a reliable operating system that is on the rise

10.07.2017 | TQ-Embedded

TQMa7x 002

TQ is launching with the new Version 7.0 of QNX with its TQMa6x embedded module based on ARM® Cortex™ A9. A Version 7.0 of BSP will soon also be available for the two Cortex modules TQMa6ULx and TQMa7x. By implementing these BSPs, TQ is looking further into the future and is combining its innovative ARM products with a reliable and real-time capable operating system.

In the TQMa6x, the i.MX6x is used, which is scalable over a range from Single Core to the Quad Plus. The first module that TQ is making available for this module variant is a BSP for QNX7. This enables good computing power with low power dissipation. A QNX7 will soon be offered for the ARM modules TQMa6ULx and TQMa7x as well. Until then, customers can utilize a QNX 6.6.  Good interface functionality is provided by both modules whose principle differences are their CPU power and peripheral interfaces. Supported in the BSP – in addition to the base functionality of the specific CPU and memory (eMMC, SD card, RAM) – are UART, two Ethernet connections, USB Host, CAN, RTC, SPI and I²C.

The advantages of QNX7 compared to QNX6.x are in its Multi-Level Security and 64-bit core support. In the future, QNX7 will cover current requirements for approvals in automotive (ISO 26262), industrial automation (IEC61508) and medicine (IEC62304) and will enable customers to implement the latest generation real-time operating system.With these BSPs, TQ and Triadem – TQ’s QNX partner – are extending the functional features of the new modules, achieving universal availability of QNX in all ARM modules. All TQ and Triadem customers and interested parties will also be supported with the usual high level of reliability and design quality.

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