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New video about TQ-Drives

23.01.2017 | TQ-Group | TQ-E-Mobility


Clever technology – maximum power

Motion is the result of dynamics and progress – as well as revolutionary ideas that add a completely new driving force to modern modes of transportation. 

TQ puts momentum into the e-bike drive system via four factors at once:  

  • Extremely powerful transmission
  • High torque
  • Very compact design
  • Maximum efficiency

In plain language, this means: The power of the TQ120S just cannot be compared to conventional e-bike drives. Even the small 250 W version,  with its patented pin ring transmission, is compelling because of its high power, its professionally coordinated design and a housing with a diameter of only 144 mm. 

Small, light, extremely powerful - and made in Germany.

TQ-Drives: Get moving!