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New robust and powerful Power Architecture modules

14.03.2017 | TQ-Embedded

TQMT1042 bt

The 64-bit, quad-core, QorIQ® T series processors from NXP used on the TQ minimodules, TQMT1040 and TQMT1042, represent the ideal basis for high-performance solutions in harsh environments and for the extended temperature range.

The TQMT104x minimodules provide access to all processor interfaces and signals. This enables the optimum specific solution to be selected and implemented for each design, and this, quite independently of whether it is a case of, for example, a fast FPGA connection for efficient data exchange by Ethernet or direct data storage using SATA interfaces. In addition, the long-term availability of the products guarantees cost-effective use of the modules in durable capital equipment.

Evaluation platforms (starter kits) available in parallel include the relevant module and a base board with a comprehensive number of interfaces and possible configurations. Together with the Linux-based Board-Support Package under Yocto, hardware tests and software development can be carried out even before starting specific designs. Development times can thus be shortened and product creation costs reduced.

With these new products TQ provides an extremely powerful series of products based on the latest Power Architecture® technology and thus extends its product portfolio with a range of embedded modules that cover a very wide performance range while offering energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions in the smallest form factor, even under harsh ambient conditions.

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