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New: TQ KRT2 reado transceiver can be used as a ground station in Germany

11.09.2017 | TQ-Group | TQ-General-Aviation | TQ-Aviation

New: TQ KRT2 reado transceiver can be used as a ground station in Germany

TQ's KRT2 can now be used as a ground station in Germany.

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has changed the legal conditions. It is finally permitted to use EASA-approved (ETSA) radios as ground stations.

This means that the TQ KRT2 can now be used as a ground station, namely:

At all airports which are not subject to an air navigation service under the supervision of the Federal Office for Air Navigation Services (BAF), e.g. Airfields with "INFO," frequency or for "START", "RETURN", and "TRAFFIC" frequencies (see Official Gazette no. 17-17 of 06.09.2017 of the Federal Network Agency).

In connection e.g. With our portable station is now a high quality and affordable solution available, which also meets the 8.33 kHz requirements from 01.01.2018.

Existing portable stations (also from third-party manufacturers) can be converted to the KRT2 with little effort due to the standard format Ø57mm.

Outside Germany, our KRT2 has been used legally and successfully as a ground station for a long time. With the high output power of 6W and the excellent voice quality, a clear communication is guaranteed even over longer distances.

Click here for  the registration form for the ground station.


Information from the BNetzA before, that the registration process thereby fundamentally changes are not available. The BNetzA only reserves the right to require the applicant to provide proof that the plant applied for complies with the requirements of ETSI EN 300676 or has a corresponding approval by EASA. The latter can be easily detected by the EASA Form 1 supplied with our devices. In addition, when applying for frequency allocation, a statement must be made that the system (if applicable in conjunction with a suitcase or support frame) does not provide any air navigation services within the meaning of § 27c LuftVG (ie use only with "INFO" frequencies).