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MBa6ULxL from TQ – The new modular platform

28.02.2018 | TQ-Embedded | TQ-Group


With the MBa6ULxL, the technology company TQ has introduced a new SBC (single board computer) based on the NUC form factor. The platform, consisting of the mainboard and the module, allows the fast and economical implementation of customized system solutions. Two system slots are available for expansion purposes.

The TQMa6ULxL CPU module used in this solution component relies on an energy-efficient Cortex A7 CPU from NXP in the i.MX6UL and i.MX6ULL. The data logger or gateway offers the user a variety of interfaces on a motherboard measuring 10 x 10 cm. These interfaces include RS-232, 2x CAN (galvanically isolated), 2x USB 2.0 and 2x Ethernet. A microSD interface is also available to expand memory.

Besides the standard interfaces, the board can be expanded via two mini PCIe slots (with 1x SIM card interface) based on USB 2.0. In addition, wireless solutions such as UMTS/GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LoRaWan can be implemented. Using a graphics interface, displays with diagonals of 3.5 to 7 inches including touch screens can be implemented without additional expenditure. In this way, the mainboard can also be used as a basis for HMI devices.

Depending on their requirements, users can select the functionality needed and can realize additional desired functions economically using the modular approach. For this purpose, TQ developed a housing solution that expands the potential application for one entire device.

Typical applications for the platform, which has long-term availability, are building automation, smart metering, the smart home, security and surveillance, industrial automation, process control and service management.

With this device, TQ offers users the basis for integration into existing applications or the option to quickly implement an in-house product. If the features are not adequate and it is necessary to expand, TQ uses its know-how to provide support in realizing customized solutions.

The platform MBa6ULxL by TQ (File: MBa6ULxL_oben.jpg)
The TQ module TQMa6ULxL (File: TQMa6ULxL.jpg)

Link to the product site TQMBa6ULxL