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Company History

The history of the TQ Group: Started in 1994 as a 2-man company, we are now an international company serving many different industries and sectors.


  • Stefan Schneider joins the Board of Management of TQ-Systems GmbH
  • Awarded as "MINT Minded Company 2017" for the special promotion of talents in the field of mathematics, information technology, natural science and technology
  • Winner of "Bavaria's Best 50" award for outstanding economic and employment growth
  • Quadruple winner of "Best EMS 2017" award
TQ-Group Geschäftsleitung



  • Acquisition of the radio equipment division of Dittel Avionik and implementation of Dittel's aircraft radio equipment and transponders into TQ's product portfolio.
  • ATEX certification concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Finalist at the Business Award of the Starnberg County; winner of the PCB Design Award for outstanding performance in the area of circuit board layout
Rüdiger Stahl mit Dittel Avionik



  • Winner of the Best EMS Award 2015 in the categories Obsolescence Management, Smart EMS, Leading Edge manufacturing technologies
  • Relocation of the business unit TQ Embedded and TQ Automation to the Technology Park Seefeld, Germany
  • Opening of a further location for development services in Neu-Ulm, Germany
TQ-Group Standort Seefeld



  • 20th anniversary of TQ-Systems GmbH
  • Winner of “Bavaria’s Best 50” award for outstanding economic and employment growth
  • Renaming of SRI Radio Systems GmbH as TQ-Systems Durach GmbH
  • Takeover of the Technology Park Seefeld
Bayerns Best 50 2014



  • Acquisition of SRI, Durach/Allgäu and continuation of operation as an independent location of TQ-Group
  • Merger of IEQualize GmbH with TQ-Systems GmbH and continuation as development site Leipzig
  • Winner of the E²MS Award 2013, category sustainable future
TQ-Group Standort Durach



  • Installation of a new drive technology business division (Embedded Drive; Lightweight Torque Servo Motors with RoboDrive technology)
  • Takeover of the business operations of Clean Mobile AG and integration in the TQ Group. Expansion of the product range with drive train systems and components for powerful E-Bikes
  • Market launch of th stylish iPad wallmount "sDock", created by smart things, a company of the TQ Group
  • 5th anniversary of the TQ production site in Peißenberg
  • Winner of the Best EMS Award 2012: 1st place of the category "competence in development" and 2nd place of the category "product qualitiy"
TQ-Group Smart Things



  • Expansion of production capacity in Seefeld, Murnau and Wetter/Ruhr
  • 15th anniversary of the TQ production site in Murnau
  • Moving of TQ-Mechanics GmbH to Peiting
  • Winner of the E²MS Award 2011 (category "Supply Chain Managment", Best EMS 2011 (1st place of the category "competence in development") 
TQ-Group Standort Peiting



  • Strategic majority of shares of the Leipzig software and hardware company IEQualize
  • Acquisition of all shares in Colour Control GmbH, Chemnitz. Integration into the TQ Group as a company site of TQ-Systems.
  • TQ awarded as Best EMS in the categories development competence and production engineering
  • Inauguration of the daycare center building of the TQ-Kinderhaus Hirschkäfer
TQ-Group Kinderhaus Hirschkäfer



  • Acquisition of the site Peiting (TQ technology park)
  • Opening of the childcare "TQ-Kinderhaus Hirschkäfer" on September 1st, 2009  (
  • Relocation of TQ-Electronic Equipment to a new plant in Shanghai, China
  • Relocation of TQ-Components from Weßling to Gut Delling near Seefeld, the headquarters of TQ-Group
  • ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification (automotive) and ISO 13485 certification (medical engineering)
  • TQ awarded as Electronics Service Provider of the Year 2009: winner of the special award for outstanding performances; Awarded as Best EMS in the category development competence; Winner of the Sustained Excellence Award (Technology Fast 50 Award) for sustained successful economic activities and outstanding innovative achievements
TQ-Group Standort Shanghai



  • Inauguration of the new production building with 7,500 square meter floor space at the headquarters Delling/Seefeld on July 4, 2008
  • EN 9100:2003/AS9100 B certification as aviation supplier
  • Foundation of the supporting association for the future TQ childcare "TQ-Kinderhaus Hirschkäfer e. V."
  • Winner of “Bavaria’s Best 50” award for outstanding economic and employment growth
TQ-Group Standort Delling



  • Construction of a new production building with 7,500 square meters floor space for the employment of 300 additional members of staff at the headquarters Delling/Seefeld, Germany: on January 15 start of construction, on August 3, topping-out ceremony
  • Winner of the "E²MS" award in the category "safeguarding the future"
  • Winner of the first Economy Award of the administrative district Starnberg
  • Winner of the "Europe's 500" award for outstanding growth performance and contribution to employment creation
TQ-Group Standort Peissenberg



  • Winner of the "Bavaria's Best 50" award for dynamic company development
  • Winner of the "Europe's 500" award for outstanding growth performance and contribution to employment creation
Bayerns Best 50 Preisträger 2006



  • Purchase of the production site in Murnau (5.200 sq. m.)
  • Enlargement of the office space at the TQ-Components location by 600 sq. m.
  • Participation in the Oberpfaffenhofen Application Center (Anwendungszentrum Oberpfaffenhofen, AZO)
  • Winner of the "Europe's 500" award
TQ-Group Standort Murnau



  • 10th anniversary of the founding of the company
  • Enlargement of the production area at the TQ-Systems Delling location by 2500 sq. m.
  • Opening of the TQ-Systems production site Wetter/Ruhr (assembly)
  • Introduction of a supply chain management tool at TQ-Systems
  • Winner of the "Electronics Service Provider of the Year" award in the category "Business Processes", “Bavaria’s Best 50" award for outstanding growth, "Technology Fast 50" award, "Europe's 500" award and European Electronics Industry Award - category "Manufacturer of the Year" and "Company of the Year"
TQ-Group Standort Wetter Ruhr



  • Expansion of production and test equipment: systems for automatic optical inspection; paint-spraying system; additional board-assembly and soldering systems
  • Awards for ”Germany’s Top 100", winner in the "innovative processes and organisation” category, and “Europe’s 500 Companies“
TQ-Group Neue SMD Fertigung



  • Founding of TQ-Systems International, Fontaines, Switzerland
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • Awards for "Manufacturer to Order of the Year" in the category for middle-class companies; "Bavaria’s Best 50" for outstanding growth; and "Germany’s Top 100" for especially innovative performance
  • Opening of the staff canteen
TQ-Group Standort Fontaines



  • ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • Founding of the TQ pension scheme
Logo TÜV Süd



  • Founding of TQ-Mechanics
  • Introduction of a matrix organisation at TQ-Systems



  • Opening of the Murnau plant
TQ-Group Standort Murnau



  • Founding of TQ-Components
TQ-Group Erster 10-Layer



  • Company founded by Detlef Schneider and Rüdiger Stahl
  • First ISO9001 certification
TQ-Group Erste SMD Fertigung


Because we have got quality in our name.

TQ - Technology in Quality

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