Videos vom E2MS Dienstleister (E²MS, EMS) TQ-Systems




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Die Leser der Fachzeitschrift Markt&Technik haben TQ zum vierfachen Best EMS 2017 gekürt. TQ erhielt die Auszeichnung in den Kategorien Entwicklungs-Dienstleistungen, Obsolescence-Management, Smart EMS und Leading Edge Fertigungstechnologien.

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PIN 120功率有别于传统的电动车。即使是一个小型的250W,也具备专利的销环转动,它的高功率,它的专业性的协调设计和只有144毫米外壳非常引人注目



Secure, energy-saving, powerful!

Videos vom E2MS Dienstleister (E²MS, EMS) TQ-Systems

TQMa7x and TQMa6ULx are two minimodules which use the CPU architecture ARM Cortex-A7. The choice of this CPU architecture in connection with the variety of interfaces of the NXP CPUs i.MX6UL and i.MX7, is creating a future-oriented basis for innovative products. You would like to know more?

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TQMxE39M with latest Intel® processors

TQMxE39M: Embedded Module with latest generation of Intel® processors

The COM Express® Mini module TQMxE39M is based on the latest generation of Intel® Atom™, Pentium® and Celeron® processors. It achieves a new level of compute performance, security and media processing performance in a very compact form factor to empower real-time computing, industrial automation, digital surveillance, aviation, medical, retail and more.

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