Maximum flexibility based on a new CPU generation.

i.MX 8M Plus – a marvel of technology!


The i.MX 8M Plus - these opportunities offers the new CPU generation for your application


Embedded-Modul TQMa8MPxL

The requirements for embedded processor technology and likewise for the computer-on-modules, that in turn make this technology optimally usable for applications, are growing across all sectors of industry.

In the industrial sector, there is an increasing demand for support of machine learning. For competitive projects in medical technology, PCIe and SPI interfaces are more and more used to connect the sensor technology in order to guarantee a high-performance data transmission.

For the realization of demanding vision applications in the field of optical inspection, embedded processor technology with suitable camera interface is increasingly required, that can transmit high-resolution images in real time. For these growing demands of tomorrow's technologies, NXP's i.MX 8M Plus hits the bull's eye with the highest flexibility in interfaces and functions.


What you'll learn in the whitepaper:

  • What feature optimizations the CPU generation offers
  • How the i.MX 8M Plus fills gaps in audio and graphics support
  • How a module design can get the maximum out of the CPU i.MX 8M Plus
  • Which interfaces are provided by the matching mainboard and thus create maximum flexibility
  • In which application areas the new processor generation has the greatest potential
  • Why the CPU can be optimally used in advanced applications

TQMa8MPxL Computer-on-Module and matching mainboard - all highlights


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Our USPs

  • Unbeatable long-term availability
  • Robustness for all applications
  • The most comprehensive range of modules on the market
  • A comprehensive design and support of an E²MS manufacturer
  • Full design freedom, as all processor functions are fully accessible
  • x86 for tough industrial use

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