Embedded Module TQMa335xL Embedded LGA module based on Cortex®-A8 (AM335x) with graphics and real-time support.

Arm® Cortex®-A8 (AM335X)

  • Real-time communication subsystem
  • Low power consumption (typ. 2 W)
  • 2x IEEE1588 Ethernet (L2 Switch)
  • Long-term availability
The TQMa335xL Minimodule is the TQMa335x variant without connector and is directly soldered with the baseboard. The basis for this is a Arm® Corte®-A8 core with up to 1 GHz. The LGA module has been developed especially for the use in high volume projects. The realised memory on the module provides best system support. The module is best suited for visualization and control applications with real time demands. A large number of interfaces and module functions are implemented in the CPU due to the high level of interface and function integration.
This allows the basic board to be developed easily and at low-cost. All the processor’s functional pins are on the LGA pins. Note about the ordering information: Further variants are available on request.

CPU/Processor data

  • Single Cortex®-A8 - Up to 1GHz
CPU variant:
  • AM3352
  • AM3354
  • AM3358
  • AM3359


  • Up to 16 GB
  • Up to 512 MB


Graphic interface:
  • 24-bit TFT Interface
  • Up to 8x 12-bit ADC channels

Communication interfaces

  • Up to 2x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit
  • Up to 2x CAN 2.0 B
Serial Ports:
  • Up to 6x UART
  • 2x USB 2.0 high-speed OTG interface

Other interfaces

  • Up to 2x SPI
  • Up to 3x I2C
SD Card:
  • Up to 2x SDIO/MMC
  • Up to 2x McASP (4ch)
  • 1x GPIO
  • JTAG

Other functions

  • Real Time Clock (RTC)

General data/basic data

Power supply:
  • 3.3 V
  • Up to 3x PWM
Temperature range:
  • Standard temperature range: -25°C…+85°C
  • Extended temperature: -40°C…+85°C
  • 38 x 38 mm
Plug-in System:
  • LGA (Land Grid Array) 209 pins


OS Support:
  • Linux
  • QNX
  • Windows Embedded Compact 2013

User Manual TQMa335xL (1 MB, pdf)

TQ TQMa335x BSP REV.0125 (90 MB, zip)

Source code and precompiled image files.
Details about the supported platforms/versions
MD5: 73961273A97DBBBB52AB46EDB2B9736C


AM3352 @ 800 MHz, 256 MB DDR3L, 4 GB eMMC flash, -25°C…+85°C


AM3354 / 800MHz, 4GB eMMC Flash, 256MB DDR3L, -25°C- +85°C


AM3359 @ 800 MHz, 256 MB DDR3L, 4 GB eMMC flash, -25°C…+85°C

Other configurations on request


STKa335 (Eval Kit) with TQMa3359-AA, AM3359/800 MHz, 256 MB DDR3, 4 GB eMMC Flash, 64-kbit EEPROM, 1x RS232, 1x RS485, 2x CAN 2.0 B gtr., 1x USB 2.0 HOST, 1x USB 2.0 OTG, 2x ETH 10/100/1000 (1x EtherCat), Stereo Out, Mono Mic In, RTC, Temperature sensor, Reset button, SD interface, Power Supply, 4 GB SD card, Cables

Starterkit STKa335x

Development of graphic interfaces can be started immediately using the prepared combination of closed 7” display unit and starter kit that are matched to each other. The core of the STKa335x is the TQMa3359 with an ARM® Cortex A8 CPU. The components contained in the starter kit constitute a modular system enabling you to develop your own product ideas.

Please note, that for evaluation purposes we provide you with the starter kit STKa335x with the module TQMa335x (not TQMa335xL!). The module mainly differs in the plug-system.


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Our USPs

  • Unbeatable long-term availability
  • Robustness for all applications
  • The most comprehensive range of modules on the market
  • A comprehensive design and support of an E²MS manufacturer
  • Full design freedom, as all processor functions are fully accessible
  • x86 for tough industrial use

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