Sensorbars Decentralized metering with sensorbars and energy manager.

  • Connected to the energy manager by serial bus (Modbus RTU over RS485)
  • Up to 8 Sensor bars with 3 /6/9/12 sensors (individual configuration)
  • Up to 63 A for each sensor, class 2 in combination with the energy manager (power factor)
  • Compact installation
  • Suitable for upgrading existing systems or new installations
  • Placed on top of fuses
Extension of the energy monitoring to circuit level
Connection of up to 96 current sensors to a B-control Energy Manager
Consumer groups can be connected together and monitored
Simple and space-saving mounting over circuit breakers, easy retro-fitting
No additional power supply required to supply the current sensors

Sampling frequency

Sampling frequency:
  • 5 kHz


  • 12 bit

Operating conditions

Storage temperature:
  • -25°C…+60°C
Ambient temperature:
  • -25°C...+55°C
Air pressure during operation:
  • 790hPa to 1070hPa

Effective value

Effective value:
  • Basic fundamental oscillation

Electrical connections

Supply voltage:
  • 9 V DC
Supply current:
  • max. 20 mA
Power consumption:
  • max. 0.5 W
Nominal voltage/ core insulation:
  • 300 V RMS
Overvoltage category:
  • CAT III 300V
Rated value Working voltage:
  • 250 V AC


RS485-Cable length:
  • max. 10 m
Modbus address range:
  • 1 to 247

Measurement accuracy

  • better +/- 1 % of full scale value

Product norms

  • EN61000-6-2
DIN EN 61010-1:
  • yes