RE100 Relay module for controlling loads

Einfach Installation dank aufsteckbarer Elektronik.

RE100 mit Kabel
  • for connection to CU100
  • 5TE
  • 4x Universal I/0 (each chanel can be parametrized individually )
  • 4-20mA, 0 bis 10V, PT1000, DI, DO max. 400mA
  • 4x changeover max. 230 VAC, max. 6A; 4x NO switch max. 230 VAC, max. 6A
  • fast integration with ready-made software modules (Easy Connect)
The module has two parts; the lower half is the terminal module. It
contains all the plugs you need to connect the wires and fieldbuses.
All the electronics are in the top half. This two-part construction
gives users a number of advantages. The electronics half can be
plugged into the terminal module in a subsequent, separate step.
And you don’t have to undo any wiring if you need to repair or
exchange a component.
Initial installation in the wiring cabinet is
also more convenient, because you have more space to work with.
Electronics modules can be tested from an office space when all the
terminal modules are installed.
All terminal models are interconnected by means of the CAB bus.
Thanks to the jumpers, this takes place automatically when you
attach it to the top-hat rail. The modules can also be addressed fully
automatically; no additional configuration is required.

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature:
  • 0°C...+50°C (in operation); -25°C...+60°C (storage temperature)

Elektrical data

Power supply:
  • over CAB-Bus

Mechanical data

Case shape:
  • REG (according to DIN 43880)
Case width:
  • 5 TE

Product norms

Protection class:
  • IP20


  • 4x Changer max. 230 VAC max. 6 A 4x Closer max. 230 VAC max. 6 A
Universal inputs/outputs:
  • 4x Universal I/O each channel is freely configurable: AI (4-20 mA, 0-10 V, PT1000...) / DI / DO (max. 400 mA with supply via AUX IN)