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Meet your needs and save energy at the same time

Energy management has never been easier. TQ Automation product solutions save money while meeting your energy needs.

Combining a smart meter with integrated memory, webserver and LAN interface, TQ lets you collect and record data with utmost precision. The energy management system also archives data over long periods and is easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructure.

Monitor. Analyze. Optimize.

With our TQ products you can reduce your electricity consumption without forfeiting quality or comfort. A precise metering and evaluation system collects baseline data, which can then be used to optimize operations of the facility.

Energy Manager EM420

Here is how it works:

The TQ Automation Energy Manager is a four-quadrant meter with built-in processor and high connectivity, that also features two gigabytes of internal storage capacity. 

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Monitoring energy data

First, the individual consumption points and their energy usage are plotted on a graph.

To the Sensor bars

EM Milieu Finger
Power consumption

Analyzing and understanding energy data better

Visualizing the data makes it easy to draw conclusions. When can unusual peak loads be observed? When does usage increase? When does it decrease? And what is causing these fluctuations?

Optimizing energy consumption

Intelligent control of consumption points and targeted monitoring can significantly decrease electricity usage.

EM Milieu Close up


4-quadrant meter. Monitor, document, automate.


Sensor bars

Modular sensor technology for the construction of measuring systems.


Load management

Seamless overview of energy consumption and monitoring of load peaks.


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