Charge management Smart demand-side management with the DM100 system

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E-mobility for businesses thanks to e-charging infrastructure

With a view toward the future of e-mobility and the increasing need for energy to power it, industrial buildings will face a number of challenges. Intelligent automation systems will be required to avoid load peaks and the risk of blackouts.  

TQ Automation has developed an innovative approach for solving these problems with the DM100, a system that offers an entire new set of possibilities for integrating e-charging infrastructure. It enables a unique combination of dynamic load management and intelligent optimization of energy costs – including blackout protection and overload protection.

E-mobility in the industrial environment

  • Increasing volatility in the area of energy production due to renewable energy sources
  • Grid operators demand positive and negative reserve power
  • Flexibilization of consumption points in commercial and industrial sites
  • High energy costs for peak loads
  • Dynamic electricity tariffs based on available energy production
  • Increasing demand for energy to power electromobility
E-charging points
DM100 products

The solutions – the DM100 system

  • Protects the grid connection point against blackouts
  • Variable control of energy demands to avoid peak loads (peak load optimization)
  • Documents and displays power consumption locally or via cloud
  • Dynamic usage of local power production plants to increase efficient use of self-generated electricity
  • Integration in the energy management and building automation systems
  • Optimizes energy costs through smart electricity tariffs and integration in the smart grid (static and dynamic usage of variable electricity tariffs)

Compatible with all current e-charging systems:


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Here is how it works!

For intelligent load management, TQ Automation relies on its own product series. Because this equipment can be installed on-site and on demand, it is ideal for use in distribution panels.

Load management
Load profile

Intuitive visualization for easy operation

Commissioning and parameterisation via integrated HMI. A master monitors the supply or connected load and switches off consumption points or generators as required.

Automated switching on and off

The sequence for shutting off consumption points or adding supplementary generators can be programmed individually, along with the minimum shot-off times and restrictions (e.g. times when certain equipment cannot be shut down. The switch-off levels are adjusted dynamically within the metering period, in accordance with pre-set time delays (see Figure 2). For example, when the metering period starts, the delay time is 120 seconds. It decreases incrementally during the metering period, until it is just 10 seconds. 

If the current power consumption exceeds the (facility’s) power input, the switch-off sequence (shut-off level) is increased in 10-second intervals until it is once again safely within the range of the (facility’s) power input. The switch-off sequence is reset at 60-second intervals.

Automated switching on and off
Optimized load cut-off

Full control through optimized load cut-off

  • Electricity consumption points are shut off according to a pre-set sequence
  • Electricity generators are turned on accordings to the shut-off sequence (BHKW, NEA generator, switching photovoltaic systems, battery storage)
  • Specific characteristics of consumption points are taken into consideration – to protect the respective device – to ensure minimal operation – if necessary to preclude shut-off during main usage times

DM100 – Functions at a glance

  • Unique combination of load management recharging management (scalable)
  • Monitor and measure energy consumption
  • Reduce energy costs by optimizing peak loads
  • Integration in building automation systems
  • Superordinate visualization is part of the solution
  • Flexibility thanks to multiple interfaces (RS485, RS232, CAN, KNX, ModbusRTU/TCP, …)

Benefits for customers

  • Design factor: Savings in wiring costs due to installation in central distribution cabinet or decentralised fuse distributor
  • Scalability: From data acquisition (individual circuit breakers!) to energy management (visualization) to intelligent load management (DR)
  • Investment protection: Expandable at any time, e.g. load management with OCPP 1.6
  • Quality: IPC Category 3 – advanced manufacturing standard for industrial electronics


4-quadrant meter. Monitor, document, automate.


Sensor bars

Modular sensor technology for the construction of measuring systems.



Control unit equipped with a powerful processor.



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